Chester takes soccer championship

The Chester High School girls’ soccer team poses with the Feather River League trophy the evening of Oct. 29 after defeating Portola 2-1 in the championship match. The Volcanoes made a comeback after falling behind 1-0 at the half. Photo by Tony Cordero

James Wilson
Sports Editor


High school soccer reached its end this year in Plumas County when the Chester Volcanoes edged out the Portola Tigers the evening of Oct. 29 in the Feather River League championship match.

For a good portion of the game, it looked like Portola had a better chance of winning than Chester. The Tigers were ahead for 55 minutes of play. In the second half, however, Chester came back to take it all.

“Oh man,” proclaimed Portola’s coach, Thomas Cormany. “That was a big game, just such an emotional rollercoaster.”

Chester’s coach, Eric O’Kelley, concurred with Cormany, saying the game was one of those games that exemplifies how great the sport is. Before the match started, O’Kelley warned his team of Portola’s determination.

“I had to remind the girls that Portola isn’t here to lose. They’re good enough to win and they want it. They’re hungry. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and that’s a dangerous team.”

Portola started the match out with a defense that halted Chester’s offense and an offense that broke through Chester’s defense. The ball was on Portola’s side for most of the first half, but it didn’t matter. Portola’s goalkeeper, Lizzy Swing, deflected one attempt after another from Chester.

About 15 minutes into play, Portola made its move. The Tigers drove the ball into Chester’s territory and Katia Santana knocked it into the Volcanoes’ net for Portola’s first and only goal of the game. Both teams held each other off for the rest of the half.

“We went back and forth, but couldn’t get the equalizer,” O’Kelley commented on being behind at the half.

Chester came out strong in the second half and kept control of the ball for most of the remaining play. The Volcanoes finally scored a goal to tie it up, but it wasn’t to their credit.

One of Chester’s girls took a shot at Portola’s goal. Swing dove for it, but it was out of her reach. Lucky for Portola, the ball hit the left upright and bounced off to sit in front of the goal. The area was rather crowded when a Portola defender, coming in to assist, accidentally knocked the ball in her team’s own goal.

Chester took advantage of the tie and quickly began to work on a win. With about 20 minutes left, Lanee Hansen chipped the ball over to Miranda Lemons who drove it up the field and knocked one in the upper left side of the goal to give Chester the lead.

This marks the sixth year since Portola’s girls soccer team last beat Chester’s.

“To come back from being behind 1-0 at the half was such a great way to end the season,” said O’Kelley. “This season was really good. All the teams in the league got stronger, and to Portola’s credit, they played hard enough and good enough to win.”


Four wins for high school football

Chester’s Cole Conner charges full speed ahead to tackle one of University Prep’s players during the Volcanoes’ 54-6 win last Friday. Chester’s record improved to 7-2 for the season. Photo by James Wilson
James Wilson
Sports Editor

All four high school football teams in Plumas County came out with wins last weekend. Chester, the only team to host in Plumas County, took down University Prep 54-6.

Greenville finished its regular season with a 46-16 victory over Loyalton. Quincy squeaked out a 54-52 win over Williams in a game that went into triple-overtime.

Portola’s opponent, Los Molinos, forfeited its game due to a chickenpox outbreak to advance the Tigers’ record to 5-4 overall and 2-2 in league.


Chester 54, University Prep 6

Before the game, the two teams looked pretty even. Both had a 6-2 record and offensive and defensive stats matched up pretty well. However, Chester showed University Prep how uneven they really were.

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Youth gymnastics sign-ups available

James Wilson
Sports Editor

Plumas County’s youths are “flipping out,” to use the phrase preferred by Kristina Hardin, owner of Kristina’s Gymnastics. The slogan for the series of youth-oriented gymnastics classes is “A place where kids can flip out,” and Hardin makes sure her students do just that.

Hardin, who has 20 years of gymnastics experience, started gymnastic training at the age of 6. Her parents put her in a class where she excelled and began competing. At 15, Hardin decided to quit the competitive aspect and focus on teaching gymnastics.

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California Outdoors for the week of 11/8/2013

Shooting near wetland

Question:I was walking the Yolo Bypass Levee north of I-80 this weekend and saw a group shooting from the levee at some targets that were placed right next to the slough and adjacent wetlands to the east. If waterfowl hunters are required to use nonlead shot to prevent incidental lead poisoning, shouldn’t target shooters firing where their shot will enter the wetland also have to use nonlead shot?

It was also disappointing to see a lot of spent shells, clay target debris and glass left all over the ground. Is there any particular regulation prohibiting this? Thanks.

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High school volleyball approaches season end

Quincy’s Angel Garrish tips the ball into Maxwell’s side of the court during the teams’ match-up Oct. 24. The two teams played each other twice that week with Maxwell winning both matches. Photo by James Wilson
James Wilson
Sports Editor

Plumas County’s high school volleyball teams are approaching the ends of their seasons. With only two weeks left in the regular season, teams are facing their biggest challenges.

Last week was filled with losses for Plumas teams. Of the eight matches played, only two were won by Plumas teams. Portola won its Oct. 24 match against Williams and Greenville beat Loyalton on the same day. Greenville lost its match to Westwood two days before, however. Quincy lost two to Maxwell and Chester lost to Los Molinos, Westwood and Mercy in three games apiece.

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