Fishing Report for the week of 10/18/2013

The kokanee salmon are running strong as they make their way upstream in Bucks Creek. Hundreds of kokanee, a landlocked sockeye, can be seen swimming up the shallow creek from Bucks Lake on their way to spawn Oct. 12. Photos by Laura Beaton
Michael Condon
Staff Writer


“If all politicians fished instead of spoke publicly, we would be at peacewith the world.”

Will Rogers

The fall colors have come on like gangbusters.Not that the fish notice, but I think the fishing is that much more enjoyable with all of the color and the crisp fall air.

The problem this fall is that along with the crisp air and beautiful color, fall seems to have brought the north winds in abundance.Despite taking a week off that was supposed to include lots of fishing, I — along with a lot of other anglers — was kept off the water by the winds.

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Trail group to hold trail day

Volunteers from last month’s workday on the Mount Hough/South Park trail project pose after a hard day of trail building. The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship plans on holding another workday this Saturday, though it may be canceled due to the federal government shutdown. Photo submitted
James Wilson
Sports Editor

The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship plans to have its second volunteer workday on the Mount Hough/South Park project, and volunteers are encouraged to participate. The workday is set for Oct. 19 beginning at 9 a.m. 

The stewardship wasn’t sure if it would be able to hold the workday due to the federal government’s shutdown. On Monday, Oct. 14, the stewardship received word that it will be allowed to hold the workday regardless of the federal government’s status.

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California Outdoors for the week of 10/18/20103

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Beach hunting

Question: I’ve heard deer and elk are occasionally spotted on a beach in a remote area of Northern California. This beach stretches for several miles and I’m planning to hike it beginning from a public access point. During deer and elk season, what are the regulations regarding hunting from the beach?

I will have a harvest tag for the appropriate area and know not to shoot over water or within 150 yards of a dwelling. I believe the state of California owns everything from the mean high tide water line out to 3 miles, so if it were a low tide, and a deer or elk happened to be below the mean high tide line, could I technically take a shot? Although it’s not likely this scenario would occur, I am curious about the legal and ethical nature of this scenario.

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Feather River College wins first rodeo of season

Feather River College rodeo team member Quincy Crum holds on tight while this bronco tries to throw him off during the first West Coast Region rodeo in Quincy on Oct. 4 – 5. Crum ended up taking first in the saddle bronc riding event. Photo by James Wilson
James Wilson
Sports Editor


The returning West Coast Region champion Feather River College rodeo team proved once again it had the skills to make the small-town college stand out above the rest. In the first rodeo of the season, hosted by FRC, the Feather River men’s and women’s teams won first place.

The rodeo took place last Friday and Saturday at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds. Lassen College, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Cal Poly, Fresno State, West Hills College and Cal Poly Pamona all shot for the win, but couldn’t outride the local team.

“I think the rodeo went pretty good,” said FRC’s head rodeo coach, Jesse Segura. “And we haven’t even reached our potential yet. We have a lot of freshmen this year who are just learning how to do this.”

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Greenville, Chester football teams both win

Chester’s Trevor Roberts darts down the field during the Volcanoes’ 48-7 victory over Colusa on Oct. 4. Photo by Kathy Morris
James Wilson
Sports Editor


Both Greenville (4-2) and Chester (5-0) celebrated last Friday after stomping their opponents. Greenville hosted Westwood to win its annual rivalry game by a whopping 66-0. Chester traveled to Colusa and remained undefeated by winning 48-7.

Greenville 66, Westwood 0

The Indians’ fans were delighted as Greenville scored touchdown after touchdown while shutting down every attempt by Westwood. Westwood was defenseless as Greenville made multiple big plays to win the game.

“I challenged my players to play a flawless game — to not make any mistakes,” said Greenville coach Justin Allan. “Everyone played really well. The backup came out and played great.”

Greenville started its domination early on, in its first offensive play of the game. Cooper Kingdon passed the ball to Walker Meyers who ran it into the end zone for a 42-yard touchdown reception.

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