Rural counties don’t deserve another fire fee

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Leave it to Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature to come up with a way to raise $50 million a year from rural homeowners who live in areas served by CalFire with a new state responsibility area fire fee. But here’s the real rub — CalFire won’t spend any of that money actually fighting a wildfire anywhere across this great state of ours. Instead the money goes to fire prevention activities.

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Reporter resolves to make better choices

M. Kate West
Chester Editor


Judging by the example of the Super Committee this week, this certainly is no time to play a game of follow the leader because there doesn’t seem to be anybody out in front!

Talk about disheartening — I really didn’t think the members of Congress would let the American people down one more time, but here we are again, stuck between the perpetual partisan rock and a hard place.

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Doing the right thing

Elliott Smart
Plumas County Department of Social Services

I, like many of you, read the headlines and follow the breaking news events that seem to be standard fare for our information rich society. And in doing so, I sometimes will find that my professional self gets wrapped into thoughts about how things can go so wrong; in particular how so many adults could have failed vulnerable children. I am, of course, referring to the events at Penn State.

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MediCal cuts would cause disruptions, hospital closures

Dear Cindy Mann
Centers for Medicaid and Medicare
Gloria Nagle
Associate Regional Administrator, Region IX Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,

The Plumas County Economic Recovery Committee (PCERC) wishes to voice its opposition to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) submitted State Plan Amendment (SPA) 11-010, which seeks authorization to reduce MediCal reimbursement rates for certain facilities, including skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and sub-acute-care units that are distinct parts of hospitals, to 2008-09 rates less 10 percent. If approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the reduced rates will be effective retroactively to June 1, 2011.

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Brown delivers on pension reform

Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee


Gov. Jerry Brown has delivered on his campaign promise to tackle pension reform. The plan he put forward is bold and comprehensive. It is also politically risky.

Public employee unions, longtime allies of the governor, will strongly oppose key portions of it, as will many of Brown’s fellow Democrats in the Legislature. Even Republicans may balk when it comes to rollbacks for police officers and firefighters, the most politically powerful public employees who enjoy the most robust pensions.

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