‘Drive safely’ — advice best taken literally

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  A guest grabs her coat, bundles up and heads toward your front door. The weather outside is nasty, cold and wet. It’s winter in Plumas County.

  “Drive safely,” you tell your friend.

  “I will,” she responds.

  Drive safely … We utter those words so often that we probably don’t even think about what they really mean. Drive safely has become an obligatory parting gesture. We use it in place of “goodbye” or “take care.” But we shouldn’t. They really don’t really have the same meaning.

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Grandpa’s influence still inspiring

James Wilson
Sports Editor

  With the recent turmoil reemerging between Israel and Palestine, I can’t help but ponder the significance, or lack thereof, of all the fighting.

  The division between the two has gone on since before the formation of Israel in 1948. Jews from Eastern Europe fled to Palestine to escape pogroms. Resistance to the migration was evident then, but picked up mainly during the massive exodus of Jews after World War II.

  The many reasons, claims and justifications of war are too numerous to mention, or even comprehend. Both sides lay justifiable claim to the area, a fact that intensifies the conflict.

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County needs to target the younger generations

Carolyn Carter
Staff Writer

  This is my first My Turn. Just like two months ago, it was my first time ever writing a newspaper article. This is the first November in more than 16 years I haven’t been in school, and for the first time last week I went to a dentist who didn’t also know the inside of every one of my family member’s mouths.

  Because of all these firsts I feel it is needless to say I am young. I am not ashamed to say I am young, nor am I ashamed that this is my first time doing a lot of things.

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County needs to hire CAO, and soon

Feather Publishing

  A lot of private companies and government agencies have been forced to downsize over the past several years. Plumas County is no exception. More than a quarter of the county’s workforce has been cut loose since the recession began.

  But one job the county needs to consider filling — and soon — is the administrative officer post. Some would argue the CAO is the most important job in the county. Not having a good CAO is like having a ship without a captain or a team without a coach. Would you want to fly into a major airport that didn’t have an air-traffic controller?

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Help us put more community in your community newspaper

Feather Publishing

  Those of us who work at Feather Publishing believe we’re your first and best source for local news. After all, we live right here in Plumas County with the majority of our readers. We shop at the same markets, eat lunch at the same restaurants, our children attend the same schools and play on the same sports teams and we’re influenced and concerned by the same events that affect our readers.

  We also recognize we’re not only the largest news gathering organization in the county, but the only one to regularly attend and report on the meetings of government agencies such as the Plumas County Board of Supervisors and the Portola City Council.

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