Reading Fire Update 8/11/2012

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There will be a public meeting tomorrow August 12th at the fire hall in Old Station at 6:00 p.m. Fire officials will be on hand to give an update on the Reading Fire. . . . . PUBLIC MEETING - AUGUST 12th in Old Station at the fire hall - 6:00 p.m.

NOTE: Lassen National Volcanic National Park Highway is now closed between the entrance to Manzanita Lake Campground to Summit Lake. Visitors still have access to Manzanita Lake Campground and the Loomis Museum.

This fire is burning very actively  and causing spot fires ahead of the main fire.  This continues to challenge the firefighters.

The fire will continue burning up slopes of Raker Peak, on eastern edge the fire will continue burning upslope to the northest towards Hat Mountain and Cluster Lakes. Firefighters will continue indirect handline preparation on the east and west flanks of the fire. Crews have been successful holding the control lines and are now mopping up along the fire's edge along the Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway. Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway continues to be closed due to fire suppression activity.

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Chips Fire explodes to 27,000 acres; 7% contained

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10:00 p.m. update

Critical fire weather produced extreme fire behavior on the Chips Fire’s north and northeast flanks, and posed a challenging day for firefighters. The fire made a major run out of Mosquito Creek towards Butt Valley Reservoir and spotted across the Feather River onto Red Hill.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office issued mandatory evacuations for the communities of Rush Creek and Seneca. Additional evacuations may be necessary depending on fire activity.

PG&E transmission lines where shut down to allow for the use of heavy air tankers.Power outages impacted the surrounding communities in Lake Almanor region including portions of Quincy, Chester and Susanville.

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Reading Fire grows to over 9,000 acres

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11:00 a.m. update

The Reading Fire is now approximately 9,063 acres and 5% contained.

Late yesterday, a spot fire got established at the base of West Prospect Peak. Due to very dry fuel conditions, firefighters have contended with the fire spotting across the lines.

The Lassen National Forest and Lassen Volcanic National Park are working together and providing a coordinated response to the fire. Smoke impacts will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Chips Fire 8/9/2012 update

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8:00 p.m. update

Crews kept the fire within containment lines despite challenging weather conditions including hot temperatures, gusty winds, and low humidity. Most of the smoke produced today was generated by active fire spread in the Soda Creek drainage which cast a spot fire into Grizzly Meadows. Burning operations conducted by crews yesterday afternoon helped keep the fire at bay.

Crews began mop up along the northern flank. The fire backed down slopes to Highway 70 along its southeastern flank. Downslope movement was also observed near Mosquito Creek on the eastern flank. Aircraft supported crews with water drops to cool areas of intense heat that could have generated additional spot fires in that drainage area. With the exception of upper Soda Creek fire activity was minimal along the western flank.

Crews also continued to construct and plan for additional contingency lines as an added measure of protection for nearby communities and valued places far ahead of the fire area should the fire overcome primary containment lines.

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Reading Fire 8/9/20112 Update

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Lassen Park Highway closed due to 3,700 acre wildfire.

A Community Meeting will be held tonight at the Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Department on Highway 89 at 7:00 pm to discuss the current fire situation.

On July 23, thunderstorms produced numerous lightning strikes within Lassen Volcanic National Park.

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