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Drought recovery begins in Almanor

Dale Knudesen
Special to Feather Publishing

After 13 months of exceptionally dry conditions, February brought some actual drought relief to the Almanor Basin. Snowfall was minimal, amounting to only 7 inches in a month that averages 23 inches but rainfall was in greater abundance.


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Drought continues

Dale Knutsen
Special to Feather Publishing

January in the Almanor Basin was warm and an exceptionally dry month.

The average low temperature at the Chester Airport was almost two degrees higher than the long-term norm and the average high temperature was nearly 12 degrees higher.

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October cooler than normal

Dale Knudsen
Special to Feather Publishing


Temperatures in the Lake Almanor Basin were lower than the long-term average during the month of October.

Our average morning low (27.4 degrees) was a bit more than four degrees cooler than the norm, and our average afternoon high (65.6 degrees) was almost a degree cooler. Still, our temperatures were pleasantly autumn-like and our foliage colors were a sight to behold.

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