Dramatic rescue

This video was taken by Sheriff Greg Hagwood during a rescue operation Friday afternoon, Feb. 10, in Indian Valley. Hagwood and Mike Grant, of Plumas County Search and Rescue, along with members of the Air National Guard, were assessing damage in Indian Valley in a National Guard helicopter. At the same time, sheriff’s deputies on the ground witnessed a truck become stuck in flood waters on the Arlington Bridge. They yelled at the driver to stay in his truck, but he didn’t hear them. As he exited, he was swept away, but managed to cling to a willow branch downstream. The deputies radioed for help and the helicopter arrived within 30 seconds. One of the guardsmen was lowered to the man’s location while the helicopter hovered overhead. The 81-year-old Taylorsville resident was flown to the airport in Quincy where a Plumas District Hospital ambulance was waiting. Video courtesy of Sheriff Greg Hagwood

The video below was taken from a helicopter above the rescue helicopter. Video courtesy of California National Guard