Feeling fortunate to be Plumas County residents

Plumas County residents don’t always agree, but for the most part, we keep those discords civil. A case in point was last week’s standing-room-only public hearing conducted by the Board of Supervisors regarding a commercial cannabis cultivation moratorium, attended by those for and against. The supervisors kept the hearing open until everyone who wanted to speak was heard.

Arguments pro and con were made with some eloquent and persuasive comments shared. While we agree with the board’s 5-0 vote to enact a moratorium, we are even more impressed with watching citizens become involved in the process. Individuals united, formed their own group and advanced a new ordinance, which differed greatly from the one proffered by the board-appointed cannabis working group.

Some might argue that such a move undermined the process; that the new group obviated that which was put in place by the board of supervisors to address commercial cannabis. We see it as the citizenry coming together to advance an option that they maintain has the best interests of Plumas County residents at heart. Ultimately the supervisors might not adopt either ordinance, but rather craft something that incorporates the concerns of both. Whatever they decide to do, the board has given the public an opportunity to be heard and will have received lot of data and opinions from which to make their final decision.

Our county is small; our communities even smaller. We know each other. We see each other as we go about our days. We are there for each other when disaster strikes. When we stand up at a meeting to share our thoughts, those relationships drive our demeanor and temper hostile rhetoric. Recently an employee of the state Department of Education said that Plumas County is one of their favorite places to be assigned because the area is not only beautiful, but the people are so friendly. It’s unlike any other place they must visit during their special assignments. We are so very fortunate to live here.

In Plumas County, as is the case across the country, there are opposing political factions. Nowhere is that perhaps more visible than in our letters to the editor section. Unfortunately the discourse there isn’t always as civil as we would like it to be. This is just a reminder that while we welcome the opportunity to publish various views, we want our writers to make their points without demeaning remarks aimed at others. Such writing ultimately undermines the letter writer and makes it more likely that our readers will simply skip that entry. Just because communication from some on the national level has reached an abusive, derogatory and infantile level, doesn’t mean we need to follow suit.

We are fortunate to be Plumas County residents and let’s let our communications reflect that as they did during last week’s hearing.

2 thoughts on “Feeling fortunate to be Plumas County residents

  • November 7, 2017 at 9:55 am

    So no weed but hey let’s not blink an eye while a new alcohol dispensary comes to town. You can buy booze, enough to kill yourself, but don’t bring that devil’s lettuce around plumas county.

    • November 7, 2017 at 6:32 pm

      We live in a country where you can buy an assault weapon capable of killing dozens of innocent lives in mere minutes, but growing a legal herb is considered a threat to public safety. Please, spare us you false concerns bos.

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