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   These are the stories we are working on for this week's newspaper:
  • Image makeover needed: In the soon-to-be-released grand jury report, the jurors said the county’s Alcohol and Drug and Mental Health departments are suffering from a poor public image.
  • Help at the jail: The Board of Supervisors approved the sheriff’s request to hire four corrections officers, but not before reminding him the county is facing a $3 million budget problem.
  • Water disaster?: The state has already enacted emergency conservation measures. The county is thinking about declaring a local disaster as well.

FRC student lounge gets new look

The student lounge at Feather River College has a new look, thanks to the efforts of the newly energized Associated Students of FRC. From left: Brianna Ely, president Franklin Mullen, Rebecca Laakso, vice president and director of activities Jedidiah Richard and secret+ary Lauren Guthrie. Photo by Laura Beaton
Laura Beaton
Staff Writer


“There’s nothing to do in Quincy,” is an oft-heard complaint by teens and adults alike. An energetic group of students at Feather River College is trying to change that.

“I want more fun activities on campus,” said the new president of the revived associated student group, Franklin Mullen. “I want to see more student spirit out of a small community college — we don’t have enough activities going on.”

Thanks to Mullen and a handful of fellow students, there is now a spruced-up student lounge with a large flat-screen TV, an array of couches, a pool table and foosball and air hockey games.

The walls of the lounge, which is downstairs from the Eagles Perch Café, are freshly painted and will soon sport the art of any student who’d like to participate in the mural project about to be launched.

The group has sponsored a number of recent events, including a dance held during Black History Month and a Valentine’s opportunity drawing, which featured a host of prizes donated by local merchants.

Other activities were a celebration of Pie Day, also known on campus as Pi Day in honor of the unit of measurement equivalent to 3.14 (or March 14). ASFRC director of activities and vice president Jed Richard said that next year will be even more notable, because the date — 3/14/15 — correlates to the first five digits of pi: 3.1415. This only occurs every 100 years.

FRC math instructor Michael Bagley worked with the associated students to buy pies for students to enjoy on the day. Bagley has also launched the STEAM Club, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, art and math.

For St. Patrick’s Day, students partnered with Chef Mike to award students wearing green a free cookie.

Tours of Quincy are also available to show students what Quincy has to offer. Richard said most students living in the dorms don’t go into town because they think there’s nothing to do. The group aims to change that perception by partnering with local businesses, such as Carey Candy Co., Midtown Café, Sweet Lorraine’s and others in Quincy and East Quincy.

Future community events ASFRC plans to participate in are line dancing, Earth Day and Day in the Mountains, all coming up this spring.

They also hope to bring back FRC Night in Quincy. In the past the event has offered students extended hours to shop and visit businesses, provided outdoor music venues and given the community a chance to welcome out-of-town an

d local students to their new college community.


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