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Water bottle filling station installed on college campus

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer


If you’ve ever tried to fill up your water bottle at a water fountain or sink, you know that it is a long and often impossible process. Now, however, a brand new eco-friendly bottle-filling hydration station is on campus at Feather River College to make the task easier and faster.

The hydration station was made possible by efforts of the Student Environmental Association and its advisor, Darla DeRuiter, director of the environmental studies program.

Assisted by several other groups on campus, SEA took the lead and raised funds to purchase and install the combination water bottle refilling and drinking fountain stations.

The first station was installed the last week of March in the Science Building and is dispensing pure, filtered water. According to DeRuiter, a second hydration station will be installed in the foyer of the Gallery, the college’s largest classroom, and a third station will be installed at Feather River Fitness Center.

The academic and classified senates and FRC facilities department contributed funds toward the hydration station project. The stations allow consumers to save money by not purchasing bottled water, create a healthier environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles being purchased and save the energy used to manufacture disposable bottles.

A total of $3,600 was raised to purchase and install the coolers, which have a replaceable filter that the facilities department will maintain.

You can check out the hydration station on campus during the upcoming Earth Days events scheduled during the week of April 21. Visit or to see the complete schedule of events celebrating Earth Days 2014.

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