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Canadian man dies in motorcycle accident

Feather Publishing

A 62-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle accident Tuesday, July 8, near Bucks Lake.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Blair David Imrie, of Goldstream, British Columbia, was killed after he crashed his bike on a curve.

The accident took place just after noon on the Oro Quincy Highway, west of Bucklin Road.

Imrie was riding his Kawasaki motorcycle eastbound and was attempting to negotiate a right-to-left curve. According to the CHP report, he was traveling too fast for the road conditions and drove into a ditch.

Imrie was unable to regain control before driving into a culvert drainage and hitting a rock embankment.

Imrie was ejected and the motorcycle came to rest on top of him.

Passing motorists and friends Imrie was riding with performed CPR. Shortly afterward, a Forest Service fire truck with firefighters stopped and assisted with CPR.

Attempts to revive Imrie were unsuccessful.

concerned citizen Wednesday, 09 July 2014
Sorry someone died but very few respect speed limits on any part of bucks lake road. This accident won't teach anyone to slow down and not drive so fast. Chp needs to patrol more than main street and 70 to graeagle.
Dear concerned citizen; I appreciate your concerns, however would ask that you not reach conclusions too quickly or without knowing full details. My brother was a retried RCM Police officer. He had worked in many units during his career, included highway patrol, and has investigated many fatal accidents. He knew the risks of speeding and would not do so. He loved his family too much to risk such activity.
I have asked several newspapers which have published the quote "too fast for conditions" without really understanding the nature of this phrase. My formal comments follow:

As reported, my twin brother, Blair Imrie, was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, July 8, near Quincy, California. All the newspaper articles that I have read, including the one in The Plumas News, included a comment about "driving too fast for conditions".

As a retired police officer, I am aware that on occasion, where other contributing factors are not known, a factor of "too fast for conditions" is commonly noted on police reports. It's adequately vague to be easily defended; but unfortunately leads others to thoughts of excessive speed, which may not be justified in this case.

Wes MacPherson, another retired RCMP officer who was riding with my brother, says there was no indication of excessive speed. He says he followed Blair for about 40 miles prior to the accident and both were driving responsibly, within the speed limit. He says he saw Blair “braking in the turn, possibly for deer as fresh tracks were noted going up the bank.” He further notes that there were no warning signs before the curve and the corner was not banked properly.

All of these comments suggest that my brother may have been unfairly cast as the author of his own misfortune, rather than a victim of circumstances.

I am sending this note to you to ask if you might forward it to someone at The Plumas News, perhaps "Letters to the editor"; as a comment which I believe to be fair and possibly helpful to friends and family who are struggling to come to terms with this devastating accident.

Your ***istance and the consideration of the Vancouver Sun to publish these comments would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted;

Bruce Imrie, Inspector (Rtd);
10331 Hollymount Drive,
Richmond, B.C.
H: 604-272-1942
C: 778-874-9322
I am Blairs neighbour and am so sad to hear of Blairs p***ing
Blair was a member of the RCMP and was one of the most responsible people I have ever met.
For Blair to die this way is unbelievable
He retired last year and was look forward to his retirement
You leave a big hole in a lot of peoples live
Rest in peace Blair
Concerned citizen... Hmmm? You are the same person who posted a negative comment about the CHP being too active in last weeks story. Now they aren't doing enough?
We were one of the motorists who stopped to ***ist Blair and his friends. We and the other motorists wanted so badly to be able to help revive him but his internal injuries seemed very severe and he was without any signs of life. His friends made every effort to help him. Blair and his friends and family have been in our thoughts and prayers continuously. He seemed like a good man and we did not want it to end this way for him. For what it's worth he appeared to have died suddenly and probably without much suffering if any. We are so sorry for your loss and pain. There was an element of peacefulness about him and we hope his loved ones can feel that too.
I would like to say thank you for stopping to help Blair and for what you wrote - knowing that he had people around him that cared and tried so hard to help him, helps. He was my boss and friend.
I also had the pleasure and honour of working with Blair for several years. He was not only my Watch Commander in the RCMP but my friend. We shared sad times, happy times and most of all lots of laughs during our many long 12 hour shifts. Blair was one of the nicest and most responsible people I know and was devoted to his family. Thank you to all those who ***isted and especially for the kind words of 'anonymous' above. Your thoughtfulness and genuine comp***ion directed towards his family and friends is appreciated during this very sad time. Thank you for stopping, helping and most of all caring.
concerned citizen Thursday, 10 July 2014
Yes. I am the concerned citizen who thought Chp was working main street profiling feasties and not patrolling the highways. Live on bucks lake road and u will see there is an abundance of roads that need more attention then main street and Lawrence st. When it comes to speeding. Thanks Bella.
I had the pleasure of working with and knowing Blair personally. I, as well, can say that he is one of the most repsonsible, competent persons I have ever met. A big hug and thank you to the motorists who stopped to ***ist Blair and his friends and who tried to do everything to save his life. You are absolutely correct in saying he is a good man -- Blair is an absolute gem and a one of a kind man who will be greatly missed by many, many people. To all his girls, I am thinking of you and sending you love and prayers.
RIP dear stranger- my deepest sympathy to your family, friends and the rescue personnel that tried valiantly to save you-
Concerned Citizen: CHP drives up Bucks Lake Road all the time, I live out here too.
I'm in shock!!! A friend of mine in BC notified me of this sad news today. I grew up with Blair and brother Bruce, and also had the honor to serve with him in our early service in Clearwater BC. Had the fortunes of many fond memories through our times together. RIP my dear friend, you will be missed!
I too, had the pleasure of working and knowing Blair personally. I would agree that he is one of the most responsible people I know and would never willingly put himself or anyone else into harms way. He was taken too early in life and just when he was enjoying retirement and spending time with his family. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and daughters. He will be missed very much.



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