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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:
  • Recall moving forward: Residents upset with the Indian Valley Community Services District’s board gathered enough signatures to force a recall election for three of the directors.
  • Sticker shock: Developers of the stalled Feather River Inn project say they are stunned by the Graeagle Fire Protection District’s demand for an up-front $250,000 annexation fee.
  • Scam revealed: A Quincy man was almost certain an offer to earn cash as a secret shopper was a scam... But he decided to play along.

Sheriff, Forest Service raid two major pot-growing sites

Dan McDonald
Managing Editor
The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Forest Service joined forces to shut down two major marijuana-growing operations this week.

According to Sheriff Greg Hagwood, the operations were run by Mexican drug cartels.

Both of the grow sites were located in the Feather River Canyon.

Officers descended on the first site Tuesday, July 29. The second raid took place Wednesday.

“These are two of several drug cartel operations currently operating inside Plumas County,” Hagwood said. “Evidence indicates these suspects are from Mexico and have been encamped at the grow sites for several months.”

Hagwood said one of the suspects – an unidentified Mexican national – was arrested Wednesday after attempting to flee. The sheriff said the arrested suspect “suffered significant injuries as a result of being bitten by a law enforcement dog.”

This is a developing story. A complete report will be featured in August 6 editions of Feather Publishing newspapers.

Just one suspect was do WE know they are Cartel...Because three suspects are Mexican?
No because of the weeks the Sheriffs Office and United States Forest put in to investigate, the way the gardens are planted, they way the camp is set up, and many ther factors. So please don't be so judgemental and maybe just maybe be greatful that this weed is being taken care of.
Lmao!!! You are so right!!! Still LMAO!! Cartels!! LMAO!!
who else does this and why do people get arrested for trying smuggle money into mexico? CARTEL!
For Pete's Sake Thursday, 31 July 2014
Personally, I will be happy when MJ is finally legalized/decriminalized in this state. Then, law enforcement can focus on the REAL drug problem in this county: Methamphetamine.
Personally, I would be happy if MJ was never legalized. Just because it is the lesser of two evils does not make it a good choice.
It's not that its the lesser of two evils, but that it is arguably the least of all of the intoxicants legal, illegal or prescribed. Consuming alcohol is a bad choice. Smoking cigarettes is a bad choice. Even caffeine is physically addictive and has been proven to be lethal in high doses. Nonetheless, these substances are legal, which means that I am FREE as an ADULT to CHOOSE if/when to use them. The fact that they are legal also means that these substances are regulated and taxed, providing revenue which (hopefully) benefits all citizens. As it stands now, the only folks benefiting from illegal marijuana are the prison industrial complex, DEA, and the criminals themselves.
It's the most likely to cause the drug cartel to come in to your county and put people at risk ... Innocent people who hike in our woods and just hope that they don't run across some illegal people who would have no problem putting a bullet in your head if you get too close.. It's not just about being legal or illegal or the least of all intoxicants or whether you have the right to use them.. Trust me...!!
Kind of agree with Hmm. Although I really don't think "MJ" or alcohol is a good choice, the government, much like God, gives us the freedom of choice. What we choose, is up to us. I now live in a state where it is legal to consume "MJ", yet I still have not been compelled to use this. And so far, Washington hasn't fallen into the ocean.
Really? Being born and raised in Quincy for over 30 years I can tell you there is no Mexican drug cartel. These large grows that are found Are ran by average white Americans like you and me. They live in the Bay Area and places like Sacramento, Orville, Chico, and Yuba City. Plumas County likes to put the tag of Mexican drug cartel so they can be federally funded versus state funded Thus more money to pack their pockets. The reason that they find all these illegal Mexicans on these grows is because they are disposable And can't be tracked Mr "Smith" and Mr" Jones" knows this.



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