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Smoke jumpers arriving at the Williams Fire

The Sherpa 330 is made by the Shorts Brothers in Northern Ireland and is known as a flying wing because of its unique, aerodynamic body shape. The Sherpa has a cruise speed of 160 knots, carries a standard load of ten smokejumpers.

8/19/2013 - 12:45 p.m.

A load of smokejumpers is currently jumping the Williams Fire near Homer Lake on Keddie Ridge.  A C-130 MAFFS airtanker is also enroute.  

Multiple lightning caused fires in the Indian Valley area

Feather Publishing
Updated 8/19/2013 10:00 a.m.

A load of smoke jumpers has been deployed on Keddie Ridge.  There are 3 or 4 fires on the Ridge, the largest being the Keddie Fire which is approximately 10 acres.  Three more loads of smokejumpers have been ordered. 
Two C-130 MAFFS are enroute and due over the fires at 10:20.  MAFFS, which stands for Modular Airborne Firefighting Systems, are operated by the Air National Guard.  For more information about the MAFFS airtankers, see
Updated 8/19/2013 9:45 a.m.
The Air Attack Supervisor is currently over Keddie Ridge coordinating with the smoke jumper aircraft on the best location to deploy the smokejumpers.
Updated 8/19/2013 8:27 a.m.

The air attack coordinator over what is now being called the Mt Hough Complex has requested four air tankers and a lead plane to assist suppression efforts. 


Two of the larger fires have nearly burned together.  Air attack suggests allowing them to burn together and utilizing an indirect attack.  That would entail burning out from the road system and constructing fire lines along the ridge tops to contain the fire.  He estimates the potential final size to be 2,000 acres but also added that it could take out the entire north slope of Mt Hough".... if we don't get on it". 


There is already group tree torching which indicates atmospheric instability this early in the morning.  Atmospheric instability can lead to extreme fire behavior.


Smoke jumpers and additional helicopters have also been ordered.



Updated 8/19/2013 7 a.m.



Dry lightning left us with a little over 20 fires on the Plumas National Forest.


Most of those fires are in the Indian Valley, North Arm, Mt. Hough area totaling approximately 100 acres. 


The largest of those at 22-30 acres is the Mt. Hough fire, with the Hunt fire at eight acres, and the Johnson fire is 15-20 acres. 


Lake Davis area has four very small lightning fires with lines around them.


More lightning is expected today with increasing moisture as the week goes on.


The Plumas County Sheriff has issued precautionary evacuations for those living near the Hough fire in Indian Valley including Johnson Ranch and portions of Arlington Road.




Photo by Dave Zappa shows Arlington Heights on the right with the town of Taylorsville on the left side of the photo

Read more: Multiple lightning caused fires in the Indian Valley area

Plumas N.F. Fire Update


The Plumas National Forest has issued the following update:

Lightning has sparked 15-25 small fires in the central and eastern portions of the Plumas National Forest. Three small fires north of Lake Davis have lines around them in addition to one in the Calpine Look-out area. The majority of the fires are in the Keddie Ridge/North Arm areas of Indian Valley near Taylorsville CA. Most of the fires are reasonably small. Several, including the Johnson (approx.10 acres) & Mt. Hough (approx. 130 acres) fires, on the north slope of Mt. Hough are very conspicuous, especially at night.

The Plumas County Sheriff issued voluntary evacuation notices to people living on Arlington Road between and including the Arlington Trailer Park and Johnson Ranch. Voluntary evacuation notices were also issued for people living on a short segment of North Valley Road near Diamond Mountain Road due to the 1/2 Mountain Fire. That fire has a line around it and is 80% contained.

Read more: Plumas N.F. Fire Update

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