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  • Ebola preparedness: Could a deadly virus with its roots in West Africa find its way to Plumas County? The county’s three hospitals are preparing, just in case.
  • Candidates speak: With elections just days away, candidates for local public offices took part in forums and submitted answers to questions from the newspaper.
  • Remembering Grace: The family of an FRC student who died earlier this month said they were overwhelmed by the community’s support after the college held a vigil to remember their daughter.

Posch sentencing postponed

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

High Desert State Prison Sergeant Todd Posch was not sentenced Monday, June 7.

District Attorney Jeff Cunan indicated that he and Judge Ira Kaufman were both researching the topic of charging someone with restitution to be paid to a government entity.

Cunan said both he and Kaufman were unsure about how much someone could be forced to reimburse the government for expenses related to crimes.

He added that Kaufman did indicate his intention to sentence Posch to be incarcerated in a non-jail setting because of his background working as a correctional officer.

House arrest with electronic monitoring would be an example of a non-jail incarceration situation.

People who have worked in law enforcement are often sentenced to serve time outside of jail or prison because of concerns that they could face more threats behind bars than an average inmate.

Cunan said his office was still receiving claims for restitution in the Posch case, which was once again scheduled for sentencing Monday, July 12, at 11 a.m.

Posch pled no contest in April to two counts of filing a false police report.

Each charge carries a maximum possible jail sentence of six months for a total exposure of one year.

Posch fabricated two incidents where he reported being assaulted by "Mexican gang members."

The Plumas County Sheriff's Office previously reported more than $100,000 of state and local funds were expended in investigative and security efforts resulting from Posch's false reports.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood has made it clear that he expects full restitution from the defendant for expenses incurred by his department.



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