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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:

  • Not guilty plea: The man charged with first-degree murder in the December, 2014, death of a Greenville woman pleaded not guilty last week.
  • More Jefferson talk: Proponents of the state of Jefferson packed the Board of Supervisors room for the third time April 14, but once again did not walk away with the county‚Äôs support.
  • School cuts: The Plumas Unified School District is facing a $3 million budget deficit for the next school year, which will result in funding cuts in many areas.

Momboosa: Boot scootin' by the shore

Momboosa stage
M. Kate West
Chester Editor

The second annual Momboosa Music Festival was held in Chester the afternoon and evening of July 17, and quickly filled the air with the sound of toe-tapping tunes and aroma of tasty grilled foods.

Sponsored by Liquid Blue Events, the production is put together by partners, Jess and Neil Horning, who have long been summer visitors to the Lake Almanor Basin.

This year's festival featured blues and country music by the Whitney Myer Band, the Chris Gardner Band, Alex Woodard and headliner Chuck Wicks.

A family affair, Momboosa offered something for everyone: tall cool drinks, colorful bounce house activities, outdoor style foods, pony rides, volleyball or dancing on fragrant meadow grasses.

Under a brilliant blue sky with triple-digit temperatures, the sea of tents provided by LBE was much appreciated by festival guests. Jess Horning said special care had been taken to protect guests from the moving sun and to capture the cooling, afternoon lake breezes.

He also took time to talk about LBE's first effort on the meadow and Momboosa 2010. Looking around he said, "I really like the energy of this crowd - they're having fun and that's what we intended."

He said the primary difference between this year and last is the support his agency received from the local businesses.

"We really struggled last year, but this year we got things up and running in a hurry. We are so impressed with the involvement of the business community. It was so much easier this year with everyone volunteering to help," Horning said.

In addition to making a stronger effort to work more directly with local merchants, Horning said they also made adjustments to their Momboosa vision.

"We really want this festival to be a mini vacation for everyone, a trip to the tropics. Last year we presented more Jimmy Buffet-style music, but this year we went country in the hopes of speaking more to our audience," he added.

He said he and his brother, Neil, and his partner in Liquid Blue Events, could not stress enough that the event was all about family.

He also said he hopes to see even more of the Lake Almanor community during the 2011 Momboosa Music Festival.

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