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Residents unhappy with transfer station closure

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

Several Graeagle residents voiced their displeasure about the impending closure of their local transfer site during the public comment section of the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, Nov. 2, meeting.

They were upset with the decision; the way it was made; and the fact that it wasn’t on the board’s agenda when the motion was made.

Marcie Sheehy, of the Graeagle property owner’s board, told the board she easily raised a petition against the move in a very short time.

“We have almost 200 signatures in four days. I think we have almost the whole Graeagle population for November.”

She commented it was difficult to get to the Delleker site, the next nearest site, in the winter and said, “We’re all pretty old in Graeagle, if you’re not aware.”

Sheehy didn’t know the station was being closed until she read an article in the paper and a flier at a Graeagle gas station the week of Oct. 27.

She said the articles in the paper didn’t make her think the station would be closed down and there was no notification from the county.

Sheehy indicated her board would have talked to local homeowners about volunteering to raise their rates to pay for the station.

Graeagle resident Jack Bridge added it wasn’t clear from the agendas of the previous meetings that closure of the site was being considered.

Board chairwoman Sherrie Thrall told those present that the board wasn’t allowed to respond thoroughly during public comment because the issue was not on the agenda. Thrall said the issue would be on the agenda for Tuesday, Nov. 9, and public works staff would sit down with residents in the meantime.

“We might be able to come up with a solution that will work for everybody and keep it open,” she added.

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