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College launches ambitious endowment campaign

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Retired faculty counselor of over two decades George T. McNulty once again has shown his commitment to Feather River College and its students.

Last year Professor McNulty donated close to $7,000 to the Feather River College Foundation to establish the first named scholarship in the FRC Foundation’s Osher Scholarship challenge. This year he has decided to partner with two other friends of the college, Kathy Peters and Pat Buckner, by donating an additional $1,000 to be split evenly among their two endowed named scholarships, the Pat Buckner Allied Health and Nursing Scholarship and the Bill Peters Legacy Scholarship.

McNulty’s donations show his love of the college. To quote him: “Feather River College has given me and my family many blessings over the years. In fact, my whole family has graduated from Feather River College. I am happy to give something back.”

Buckner, retired allied health and nursing faculty member at Feather River College, has also put in much effort to raise funds for future allied health and nursing students attending Feather River College’s licensed vocational nursing program and other health-related fields. Professor Buckner is on track to reach her target amount of $6,700 by June 30, necessary for an endowed named scholarship. The $500 donation from her former colleague certainly helped.

Buckner noted that McNulty worked closely with her and her nursing students over the years: “George was instrumental in guiding students to find themselves and the programs that fit them. He helped me get great students in my nursing programs.”

The Bill Peters Legacy Scholarship project is also proceeding well. Kathy Peters has been touched by the community’s (local and out-of-state) generosity for the endowed scholarship set up to help students in her late husband’s areas of teaching passion: wildlife, art and equine studies. Peters asked the Feather River College Foundation to give a signed Bill Peters print of a golden eagle (Feather River College’s mascot) to people who donate $100 or more from here on out to help increase fundraising efforts for all named scholarships.

An FRC leader and colleague of Bill Peters for three decades at the college, Jodi Beynon, gave the following message regarding Peters and his scholarship: “Everyone loved Bill Peters. Many of his art students said that he always made them feel proud of each and every piece they did in his class. Students in his Animal Behavior class marveled at his passion for and knowledge of wildlife. Colleagues praised his sense of humor and breadth of expertise in his field. All of them found him a dedicated teacher and a wonderful role model. What an appropriate legacy this scholarship will be for students following in the wake of his knowledge.”

The vice-president of the Feather River College Foundation and long-time FRC faculty member, Russell Reid, noted the following about the Bill Peters Legacy Scholarship: “It sure seems in life that when a good thing happens, it should happen all the time … but it doesn’t. Bill Peters was a very good thing … an amazing teacher, a student mentor, a scholar and a friend. Bill truly will be missed; however, his memory will live on with FRC’s Osher/Bill Peters Legacy Scholarship.”

The Feather River College Foundation is currently working on seven named scholarship projects and hopes to add more prior to the June 30 deadline that has been set by the California Community College Foundation for 50 percent matching funds to be given from the Bernard Osher Foundation.

Dean of Instruction and Chairman of the Scholarship Committee for the Feather River College Foundation Dr. Michael Bagley said, “This is an incredible way to honor someone you love or to just invest in Plumas County, as for a mere $6,700 you can create a legacy gift of $500 per year, forever, for a Feather River College student.”

The funds are generated on the guaranteed interest of 5 percent or more on the $10,000 principle created by the original contribution and the 50 percent Osher match.

For more information about investing in Plumas County’s future by contributing to the endowed scholarship program, contact Bagley at his office of instruction phone number: 283-0202, ext. 242.

Contributions are still being sought in many of the named scholarships, including Pat Buckner, Bill Peters, Lawrence Gonsalves, Bob Schoensee and Max Benton, and a check made to the Feather River College Foundation can be mailed upon their behalf to the office of instruction at Feather River College.


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