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No weapons found on victims

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

An investigation into the July 2 shooting death of Susanville resident Rory McGuire, 20, has yet to find evidence that he or the five other men in his car were armed.

Gregory Chad Wallin-Reed, 36, of Reno, Nev., faces eight felony counts, including murder, after he admitted opening fire on the Susanville men during a car chase.

Wallin-Reed, who called the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office after the shooting, said the men stole solar lights from his residence along the Janesville grade. Officers later found two solar lights in the men’s car.

Wallin-Reed said that one of the men in the fleeing car driven by McGuire on that late Saturday night fired a shot at him.

“If that was the scenario, the charges that have been filed in this case would have been entirely different,” Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister said. “But that scenario (exchange of gunfire) is not something that I have seen from the evidence.”


This sign warning trespassers is posted at the Janesville grade residence of Gregory Chad Wallin-Reed. Wallin-Reed has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Susanville resident Rory McGuire. Photo submitted

Wallin-Reed is charged with murder, shooting at an occupied vehicle, five counts of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of an assault weapon.

Officers said Wallin-Reed, who is reported to be a former Army Ranger, had a .380 handgun and an AR-15 assault rifle in his possession. Both of the weapons were equipped with laser sights.

An AR-15 is illegal in California. The rifle is similar to the M16 series used by the U.S. military.

McGuire, who was shot in the head and hand, was life-flighted to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno where he died at 6 p.m. on July 4.

Two of the passengers in the car, Justin Smyth and Robert Osornio, sustained gunshot wounds to their lower legs.

Smyth, 20, was flown to Enloe hospital in Chico where he reportedly underwent at least one operation for a bullet wound in his calf. He had been listed in serious condition and was released Thursday, July 7.

Osornio, 19, was transported to Plumas District Hospital in Quincy. He was soon released with a bullet reportedly still lodged in his lower leg.

The other three passengers — John Chanley, 20; Richard Chanley, 19; and Cesar Gonzalez, 20 — escaped serious injury.

News of McGuire’s death stunned the Susanville community.

“This is tragic,” said Rudy Valentine, owner of Iron Horse Gym where McGuire worked. “He was just here, and now he’s gone. It’s sad. It’s kind of a shock.”

The events surrounding the shooting are still under a joint investigation by the sheriff’s office, the district attorney’s office and the Department of Justice.

According to information provided for the investigation, Wallin-Reed began to chase the six men after he discovered them outside his residence, located about nine miles from Antelope Lake.

The men left the residence in a four-door sedan and headed in the direction of the lake.

Wallin-Reed followed them in a 2004 GMC diesel pickup.

The men said Wallin-Reed was firing a gun while closely pursuing their car.

One of the men reportedly removed a white T-shirt and waved it in an attempt to make Wallin-Reed stop shooting.

After driving about seven miles, McGuire entered a gravel road.

Possibly thinking the road was going to end, he made a spinning U-turn and returned in the direction of Wallin-Reed’s truck in an attempt to escape.

That is when Wallin-Reed reportedly fired several AR-15 rounds at the passing car, striking McGuire in the head.

The car drifted off the side of the road and came to a stop in a meadow.

At that point, the men said Wallin-Reed got out of his truck and approached them, carrying the assault rifle.

They said Wallin-Reed spoke to them. There are unconfirmed reports of what was said.

At 11:29 p.m. on Saturday, July 2, Plumas County sheriff’s dispatchers received a 911 call from Wallin-Reed.

The 911 call log indicates Wallin-Reed reported that he had shot someone on top of the Janesville grade.

The log entry stated, “He thinks he shot the driver.”

According to the report, Wallin-Reed told the dispatcher that the suspects were armed.

At 11:34 Wallin-Reed agreed to drive to the dam at Antelope Lake to meet with deputies.

At 11:52 a person called 911 to report two of the victims with minor injuries had arrived at Long Point campground on Antelope Lake.

The 911 call log stated the vehicle containing the injured men was located on Forest City Road, between Long Point and Lone Rock.

Dispatchers began making calls for emergency medical assistance just minutes after Wallin-Reed reported the shooting.

Wallin-Reed was arrested the following day.

Wallin-Reed was booked into the Plumas County Jail where he is being held on $1 million bail.

He was arraigned Tuesday, July 5, and he waived his right to fight extradition in the event that he makes bail and leaves California.

Wallin-Reed, who has no prior criminal record, is scheduled to appear in Plumas County Superior Court in Quincy on July 18.

The Plumas County Public Defender’s Office represented Wallin-Reed at the arraignment. But who will provide his future representation has not been determined.


A past encounter

Janesville resident John Bevins said he was collecting firewood from a downed tree near Wallin-Reed’s residence about a year ago. Bevins said the tree was on U.S. Forest Service land adjacent to land where Wallin-Reed lived.

“This great big guy comes up to me with three big dogs and he’s got a gun on his side,” Bevins recalled. “The guy said ‘what the (expletive) are you doing on my property?’”

Bevins said he tried to explain that he wasn’t on Wallin-Reed’s property, but soon realized Wallin-Reed wasn’t going to back off.

“I could tell the guy was really angry,” Bevins said. “And he had on an Army Ranger shirt. You don’t wear an Army Ranger shirt unless you were an Army Ranger.”

Bevins left. But not before noticing a sign near Wallin-Reed’s driveway.

The sign read: WARNING


This is a restricted area. Only Red Blooded Patriotic Christian Americans Are Authorized For Access Upon Approval And Verification Of Credentials By The Commanding Authority

The Use Of Deadly Force Is Authorized For Use On Those Found In Non-Compliance With Above

While watching television news with his wife July 4, Bevins said he saw the report of the shooting with Wallin-Reed’s photo.

“I told my wife, ‘That’s the guy! That’s the crazy guy!’”


Most of you in this county are a bunch of idiots who run their mouth off like inmates behind a cell door. Yes those boys did WRONG no doubt about it. But before you talk smack you better look in your own back yard. We have all done something wrong but we dont get to shoot everyone for a petty crime.
Steven. Everyone involved is paying right now, one way or another, and will do so for the rest of their lives I believe. Stop and think what one little act of sticky fingers caused to snowball out of hand. As for someone shooting at a speeder,we already have road rage and such. Watch the news.
I would like to say, They were warned and they were not Kids! Sorry! Dont Jump in to a flooding river you might drown.
No one has yet to be convicted but someone has already been punished , so please take care when you speak of who will pay for a crime , and by the way , the next time you go over the speed limit I hope someone like Mr Reed, pissed over the price of auto inc is not around becaue he may deside to act
A AR15 is not illegal in California, unless it is rigged in a certain manner/s. These were not kids, they were young men doing a wrongful act. Wallen-Reed was wrong in his actions, also, under the circumstances,he will pay for it. The young men will also pay, by reflecting on thier crime.
I see both sides of this , but this is the type of guy that good people are scared of , and good people should fear nobody ! so we get to spend 48k a yr for keeping this guy of of the G P for the rest of his useful days , another sad day in America
ThisIsRidiculous Monday, 18 July 2011
What kind of Christian does this guy think he is? Obviously he missed the 'turn the other cheek' lesson. Even the old-testament 'eye-for-an-eye' wouldn't call for KILLING someone who stole a lawn decoration from you. This guy is damaged goods, just looking for any excuse to kill someone.
idiot, murder for 2 lights. cant protect property like that.
Gotta love the "kids will be kids" mantra! How about we teach our children to not steal from or kill others? To both sides, was it really worth all of this for solar lights??
My prayers and love go out to Rory's parents and friends. Kids will be kids and hard men will kill even for solar lights. Such a sad tragic event to happen. Hope Wallin enjoys prison.
I feel for everyone involved in this tragic set of events. The families are wondering why their sons are dead, the shooter will not forget this for the rest of his life. I urge everyone to not let you emotions get the best of you, it just makes you an internet troll spreading more hate.
Ex-Ranger Reed, a product of the military industrial complex, will soon be a guest of the high desert prison industrial complex. Military trained and paid by US taxpayers, Reed will now continue to be supported at taxpayer expense where he can study up on Christian ways.
A young man lost his life over solar lights. If what i read in the bible is true Let those who have ears to hear let them hear.
They should have stayed off his property...cops are worthless catching these types of crimes.Wallin's a hero in my eyes.Maybe some of these punks will think about not steeling from people because of wallins actions.




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