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   These are the stories you will find in this week's newspaper:
  • A second chance: The new Day Reporting Center in Quincy held a grand opening that featured a recognition ceremony to honor achievements of people in the Alternative Sentencing Program.
  • Classrooms closed: Just days before classes were to begin, Quincy Elementary School staff were packing up classrooms in one wing of the structure because a roof needed to be replaced.
  • Body of missing man found: A search for missing Feather River College alumnus Lucius Robbi ended in Idaho with the discovery of his body and car. He was believed to have died from injuries sustained in a single-vehicle crash.

Boy’s helping hands rewarded

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor


Plumas County sheriff’s deputies pulled Greenville Elementary student Kyle Hitson out of a lineup of his classmates last week.

Deputy Phil Shannon and his wife, Che Shannon, also a sheriff’s office employee, stood on either side of Hitson and turned him to face the assembled students.

Then Che Shannon proceeded to tell them a story, a Christmas story.

She told the story related to her by Evergreen Market employee Mindy Griffin, who witnessed an extraordinary event.

Hitson had been in the market and saw the empty toy box under the Angel Tree.

He knew that those toys would go to poor children who might not otherwise receive much for Christmas.

He was sad, yet at the same time, he was determined to do something about it.

So he used his helping hands to earn allowance and make some extra money.

Then he went to the Dollar Store and spent it on a basket full of toys, more than $20 worth.

Griffin saw him come in to fill the box under the Angel Tree with them and had to call Che Shannon and share his story.

She spoke with the sheriff, deputies and fellow members of the sheriff’s association, the group with members who organize and support the toy drive for needy families.

They were so moved by the story that they wanted to honor his efforts publicly, to let all the children know what he did.

Shannon finished her story by telling the students that all it takes for them to do something special for someone else is to use their own helping hands.



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