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Trustees consider redistricting options

Mona Hill
Staff Writer

Feather River Community College District (FRCCD) trustees held a special meeting Tuesday, Jan. 10, to consider redistricting options and to approve personnel action to authorize an interim human resources director and to initiate recruitment of a new director.

College president Dr. Ron Taylor advised trustees at their Dec. 8, 2011, meeting that Human Resources Director Jamie Cannon had accepted a similar position at Butte College.

Cannon’s departure necessitates an interim position while the administration works to find a replacement.

Because of population changes reported in the 2010 census, Plumas County supervisors redrew district lines in May 2011.

However, supervisorial district lines and the college and school districts’ boundaries do not completely coincide with county lines for a population of 19,367 in the FRCCD/PCOE/PUSD area, with a target population per trustee area of 3,873.

According to board materials, the goal is to have no more than a 10 percent population difference between areas.

Dr. Derek Lerch, dean of instruction, working with Becky Osborn, Plumas County Planning Services, and Steve Allen, a former planning department employee, used census and planning department data and geographic information software (GIS) to map three options for trustees’ consideration (see chart).

Option 1 adds Whitehawk, Valley Ranch and Gold Mountain to the Portola area and portions of East Quincy to the Quincy-Meadow Valley area.

Option 2 incorporates Iron Horse into the Portola area and makes the same shift to Quincy-Meadow Valley as Option 1.

Option 3 is to make no change to the FRCCD district lines. That option would give the Portola area 5,383 people and leave Indian Valley with 2,819. The remaining trustee areas are close to the target population: 3,873.

Option 3 would be the easiest for the county, as it would not require changes at the precinct level for future elections.

FRCCD is an at-large district, so it may be possible to make no changes. Lerch said the district is consulting with its attorney.

Options 2 and 3 also include the entire Almanor Basin in one trustee area.

Both options move the boundary between Quincy-Meadow Valley and East Quincy-Graeagle east to include Gallepi Ranch. The boundary runs along Mill Creek from the south to intersect with Highway 70.

The line follows Highway 70 east to its junction with Lee Road, then continues west along Lee Road to about Alta before turning north. It runs along a portion of the railroad spur until it hits Clear Creek Road in Gallepi Ranch, where it turns west again toward Highway 70, north of Quincy.

Residents to the west and south of that line become part of the Quincy-Meadow Valley area, while those to the east remain in the East Quincy-Graeagle area.

Trustee area lines must follow parcel and voting precinct boundaries. The new lines take advantage of creeks and road rights-of-way to avoid splitting properties.

As of press time, the trustees had not made a decision. For more information, see next week’s newspaper.

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