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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:
  • Recall moving forward: Residents upset with the Indian Valley Community Services District’s board gathered enough signatures to force a recall election for three of the directors.
  • Sticker shock: Developers of the stalled Feather River Inn project say they are stunned by the Graeagle Fire Protection District’s demand for an up-front $250,000 annexation fee.
  • Scam revealed: A Quincy man was almost certain an offer to earn cash as a secret shopper was a scam... But he decided to play along.

Will vandals be caught with special night ops?

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor

Intensifying efforts to catch perpetrators of ongoing vandalism in Greenville, especially at the community center, is the goal of Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood.

On board with him is new Indian Valley Sgt. Mike Meisenheimer.

They expressed these goals to concerned residents two weeks ago in the Greenville Substation and courtroom.

“We can access the investigations unit,” Hagwood said of the department’s ability to deploy the use of surveillance equipment.

Hagwood also mentioned the difficulties he has with so few officers on the street, at any given time, due to budget constraints.

Meisenheimer went so far as to offer to perform surveillance during his off hours, in order to help.

Neighbors and residents are urged to help, as well, by calling when they see or hear suspicious activity.

Hagwood said that during investigations of these kinds of incidents, a person will recall hearing something suspicious and thinking about calling, yet ultimately deciding not to.

Usually they either do not want to be pests, he said, or they are afraid to become known as the person who called it in.

Enlisting the help of neighbors is also important, Hagwood said.

He said one way neighbors can help each other is by having neighborhood parties.

Maybe one person can make punch and cookies, or throw a barbecue and invite the neighbors over.

If neighbors develop closer relationships with each other, they are more likely to watch out for each other and know each other well enough to recognize suspicious activity.

Of great concern to him, as well, is the increase in locally perpetrated international fraud cases, mostly accomplished over the phone lines against elderly residents.

“By and large this is the paradise most people think it is,” Hagwood said. “But things do happen, even here.”


What can you do to help?

Community center volunteers and directors of the Indian Valley Recreation and Parks District are conducting a fundraiser for their own surveillance equipment.

Pledges of up to $800 came flooding in after the bathroom building was accessed one weekend and seriously disrespected with defecation decorations and paper-plugged plumbing.

Although only $100 has actually been collected from those pledges, organizers remain hopeful the rest of the money will be in soon.

Call to report suspicious activity, even anonymously.

Local calls to the Greenville Substation at 284-7222 will be automatically forwarded to the sheriff dispatcher if unanswered locally. This is done at no charge to the caller.



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