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Lassen County supervisor faces second recall campaign

Sam Williams
Lassen News Editor

Jack Hanson, Lassen County’s District 4 supervisor, faces a second recall campaign.

Hanson said the grounds for the recall were similar to those in the first recall effort that failed last month, so his response would be similar.

He said he will prepare a written response to the recall campaign, but he believes this ongoing effort is a distraction that keeps him from conducting the people’s business.

The proponents of the last recall campaign criticized Julie Bustamante, Lassen County clerk, complaining she mishandled their effort to recall Hanson.

Bustamante said the paperwork — including signatures of registered voters — prepared by the proponents and turned into the county was a photocopy and not the original. The proponents are required to turn in the originals to the county clerk’s office, and photocopies of the documents are not acceptable.

Hanson acknowledged he has been served with the Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition.

“The process has begun, but it isn’t official yet,” Bustamante said.


Grounds for recall

According to the notice, the proponents “intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of county supervisor in Lassen County District 5, California, and to demand election of a successor in that office.”

The grounds for the recall are as follows:

“Your vote to terminate the contract with CAO Tom Stone, which may open the county to a lawsuit.

“Your vote allowing taxpayer money, in excessive of $800,000, to be wastefully spent.

“Your indifference to the economic growth and development of Herlong and Doyle.

“Your unwillingness to embrace growth and economic progress for Lassen County, which has a negative impact on your constituents.

“Your failure to support a taxpayer-funded swimming pool while supporting waste in other places.

“Your lack of responsiveness and willingness to serve constituents, including your failure to return phone calls, attend meetings and otherwise support constituents when asked for help.”



Some of the proponents for the second recall campaign include Patrick Prosise, John Barnum, Tom Hammond, Daniel G. Knight, Randall Azevedo, Mike S. Price, Arnold L. Bay, Alan Gene Schumacher, Rick Carruth, Tanya Carruth, Ann Layne, Chris Layne, James Barnwell, Connie Barnwell, Nancy Child, Catrina Kosub, Richard Retterath, Barbara Fritch, Olga Hammond, Jerry Simpson, Lyn L. Haynes, Delma Ray Flowers, Jennifer Flowers, Renee Barton and Karen Davis.


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