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Services to be held Saturday for Quincy business owner

Feather Publishing
Updated 3/1/2012

Renee Hall in her Quincy restaraunt, Morning Thunder.
Photo by Martha Flynn Photography
Services for Renee Hall, owner of the Morning Thunder restaurant in Quincy, will be held 2 p.m. Saturday, March 3, at Fehrman Mortuary. All are then invited to return to Morning Thunder for one last chance to share memories of Renee together.

Original post 2/27/2012

A Taylorsville woman was killed Sunday night in a single-vehicle accident on Arlington Road.

Renee Hall, 43, died after the pickup truck she was driving collided with a power pole about 8:30 p.m., according to the California Highway Patrol.

The CHP reported that Hall, who was alone in the truck, was headed eastbound toward Taylorsville “well in excess” of the posted 25 mile-per-hour speed, when she lost control of the vehicle on a slight curve in the road.

Hall’s truck crossed to the left of the double yellow lines and headed toward the westbound lane. The vehicle continued to leave tire-friction marks as it crossed back over the double-yellow lines and crossed the eastbound lane.

The truck ran off the south roadway edge of Arlington Road as it was spinning around to its right.

At that point, the report indicated the pickup had left 312 feet of tire marks on the roadway before the impact with the large power pole.

Memorial for Renee Hall in front of Morning Thunder

The left-rear of Hall’s truck then struck the PG&E pole with enough force to shatter the post and tear the rear axle and tire from the pickup.

The truck spun around completely as it rolled onto its left side. Hall, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was partially ejected out the driver’s-side window.

The truck came to rest on top of her.

The shattered pole fell toward Arlington Road, partially blocking the roadway with the power lines that were still attached. Power in the area was partially cut off because of the crash.

Rescue personnel were unable to immediately reach Hall because the truck was partially on top of her and power lines were touching the truck.

Hall was reportedly unresponsive to calls from the emergency crews at the scene.

After a PG&E crew declared the scene was safe, a fire-department crew rocked the truck off of Hall.

She was pronounced dead at the scene by a Plumas County Sheriff coroner at 9:56 p.m.

Arlington Road was closed by the Plumas County road department for the remainder of the night as crews replaced the power pole and restored power.

Hall was the owner of the Morning Thunder restaurant in Quincy.


Thoughtful,loving,beautiful,This is you! With our every talk I felt a bit more inspired and guided. I will hold you in my thoughts and release you with my tears to the angels! Thank you And to Ryan Foggy and the rest of the family I send you my condolences,love and thankyou for sharing her with me!
I was never more than an infrequent visitor to Quincy and Morning Thunder, but Renee's eveready smile and easy laughter, her hospitality and charm and good food always made me feel welcome and so very much at home. Renee you will be missed.
I have known Renee for years and I have never seen her without a smile. Blessings to her family during this difficult time. <br />If anyone would like the photo from the newspaper e-mailed to them please e-mail me<br />Martha Gonzi Flynn
A Beautiful Soul has left us...<br />Our hearts will always remember...<br />And always be filled with the light...<br />From her Wonderful, Radient smile!<br />I am Thankful & Proud to have called you..<br />My Friend...<br />Renee!!!
I have never cherished a woman more in my life. The mother I never had, Renee overflowed a void in my heart that I never thought could be filled.The strongest most passionate person I have ever known. Thank you for loving me the way you did. You saved my life. I wish I could have returned the favor.
There are family, friends and customers grieving the loss of this beautiful person. She will be sorely missed by all that knew and loved her. In a word she was KIND, so very kind to all she knew! My love and thoughts go out to the family in these tough times. I will miss you girl!
Poetic - I just don't understand why this has to be yet another platform for hatred. Lucky she hit a pole? How can anyone be lucky when another person lost there life? Makes no sense. Makes sense why you dont use your name, you should be ashamed of yourself!
Goodbye dear lady,<br />I am blessed to have known you and I have learned from your life story.<br />Rest now~<br />Pepper
RE:Poetic Justice B-4 we we pass judgement & post it, Stop & think we don't always have all the info. We don't know if a anxiety attack, heart attack etc took place b-4 the accident. No 1 knows & only GOD can judge. We were not there & do not know what occurred. Please respect us that are grieving
Headed eastbound toward Taylorsville “well in excess” of the posted 25 mile-per-hour speed, when she lost control of the vehicle.<br /><br />Speeders, like this woman, kill innocent other drivers (vehicular manslaughter) every day on the roads. Lucky she hit a pole and not another vehicle.
Dear Baby Sister,<br />Thank you for all the Great Memories, Our Lifes will Never Be The Same without you. My Lil NaNa...May God Take your spirit & comfort you. I Pray I see you again...<br />We Love you with all our heart & Soul<br />Your Big Brother Forever.
Renee was a good lady. <br />What a shame!
Renee' your friends in Taft are devistated! We will forever Love and Miss YOU!!!!
We love and miss you, Renee! thank you for making me a better cook and a better person!
Shawneen, I can make sure Foggy sees this! Thank you.<br /><br />Julie - Portola
I don't know who is going to get this but I would like to help the family if at all possible. I was friends of Renee and Foggy Please if there is anything I can do for the family please contact me....<br />Shawneen<br />Taylorsville




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