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Man charged in car-chase killing to stand trial Sept. 10

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

A trial date has been set for a Reno man charged with shooting a 20-year-old Susanville man to death after a car chase last summer.

A jury trial for Gregory Chad Wallin-Reed is scheduled to begin Sept. 10 in Plumas County Superior Court in Quincy.

Wallin-Reed, 37, pleaded not guilty to eight felony counts, including murder, during his Feb. 24 arraignment.

He is accused of killing Rory McGuire and wounding two other men with an assault rifle following a July 2, 2011, car chase near Antelope Lake.

McGuire died two days after being shot in the head. The two wounded men, who were among five passengers in McGuire’s car, survived.

Wallin-Reed is charged with murder, shooting at an inhabited vehicle, five counts of assault with a firearm and possession of an assault weapon.

Wallin-Reed, who reportedly admitted to the shooting when he made a 911 call, was arrested July 3, 2011. He was charged with murder after McGuire died at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno July 4.

Wallin-Reed is accused of firing several rounds from an AR-15 assault rifle at a car driven by McGuire during a late-night chase that began at Wallin-Reed’s residence along the Janesville Grade.

During the 911 call, Wallin-Reed told dispatchers he chased the fleeing car after the occupants stole solar lights from his property.

About seven miles from where the chase began, McGuire was shot in the head and hand.

Plumas County district attorney David Hollister said he expects the trial to last about three weeks.

Wallin-Reed’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 27 at 1:30 p.m.

Wallin-Reed is represented by Reno attorneys Richard Young and John Ohlson.


Shooting aftermath on TV

The events at scene of the shooting were captured by a film crew for National Geographic.

The segment for Nat Geo’s Wild Justice titled “Gunfight Fallout” is scheduled to air March 11 at 10 p.m.

Some of the footage is graphic.

According to a comment from one of the shooting victims during the video, the filming took place “about three hours” after the shooting.


dennis dickenson Thursday, 08 March 2012
yep bad boys it's in the news you should try to read it some time
dennis dickenson Tuesday, 06 March 2012
i could see Wallin-Reeds frustration you call the police with video of the thieves,whom we know & are id, get referred to the web site "due to cut backs" goes to court & the judge give-em a slap on the hand maybe 3 hots & a cot.unsted of big enough of a fine to cover the sheriff + court costs.
Dennis - how would someone know if they are badboys, or if this is their first time? Your logic is false. Frankly, if someone was taking my solar lights I would hardly be bothered enough to get up, let alone, chase them in a car with a firearm. There are laws and law enforcement to handle theft.
dennis dickenson Sunday, 04 March 2012
yes "as long as it's safe" & it's also NOT there 1st time being bad boys.& it's o.k. with you for folks to take from you,,,,good to know. pacifist are the 1st slaves
to Dennis D. - is it really ok to shoot at someone because they may have taken some solar lights?
dennis dickenson Thursday, 01 March 2012
we should be able to do "shoot" all thieves.ya ya, he shouldn't have done it in a moving car.soooo give him a small fine & some probation. you know how hard it is to hit anything from a moving car?maybe,,all so give him a trophy.Army Ranger?,,,,,ya hu-ya! he still got it
He should not have shot at the car to begin with. His life was not in any immediate danger, and to shoot at someone over stealing solar lights is way over the top.
I can not believe this man was a Army Ranger. I would like the news to post his service record/time/date of such. If he was in fact a Ranger, he sure did not learn how to be professional.




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