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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:
  • Fire district responds: The Graeagle Fire Protection District’s board explains its process for annexing the Feather River Inn development into the GFPD
  • Storm aftermath: The first winter storm to hit Plumas County the season wasn’t as strong as forecasters predicted, but it still toppled trees and left thousands without power.
  • Costly chase: Three Caltrans snowplows and a CHP vehicle were badly damaged after a man stole a snowplow and led officers on a two-hour chase.

Number of residents using food stamps rises sharply

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

The number of Plumas County families who rely on food stamp assistance has nearly doubled in two years.

Social Services Director Elliott Smart said the numbers show “the recessionary economy has not begun to recover” in the county.

“Applications for public assistance programs have continued to trend at historic high numbers,” Smart told the county’s Board of Supervisors during its Feb. 21 meeting.

Smart said the quarterly trends report showed more than 250 new applications per month, on average.

“Last August we had 368 applications, which is the highest number I have ever recorded,” Smart said.

As of December 2011, 655 families were in the CalFresh (food stamp) program. The average eligible household received about $320 per month.

The positive spin was that most of the $222,982 from the program was spent at grocery outlets in the county, according to Smart’s report.

Smart said a single individual whose monthly income is below $600 is generally eligible for $200 per month in CalFresh benefits.

Smart said anyone who has questions about the program can call 283-6350 or visit the county website at

The number of people in the County Medical Services Program (CMSP) has risen in conjunction with the food stamp numbers. Smart said the numbers usually increase proportionately because many food stamp recipients are eligible for CMSP and have a medical need at the time of their application.

“CMSP meets the mandate to provide care for medically indigent persons who are the county’s responsibility under the Welfare and Institutions Code,” Smart said in his report. “An applicant must be a resident of Plumas County to receive CMSP benefits.”

The average monthly CMSP caseload was 257, up from 191 in fiscal 2010-11.

Although the numbers of people using many of the public assistance programs were above historic averages, some of the numbers are trending downward.

The number of cases in the cash assistance program was 189 for the last fiscal year. That was down from 194 the previous year.

The case count for the MediCal program was 1,040, down from 1,196.

The number of people requiring both child and adult protective services is down, as are in-home supportive services.


Those that are working and getting paid by government dollars are not in the same boat as those that sit at home and collect government dollars. The road crews are at least earning money...not just collecting it. But, I guess that is where we have to agree to disagree.
Kurt, that was a good deflection, but like a true democrat, you failed to answer my question. When was the last time you had a job with reportable income? Again, I do not mean running daddy's tractor and getting paid under the table. How much gov. aid do you collect?
yep bush tried to warn us 3 times about clintons toxic loans aka farehousing act,but the left said that the right doesn't want you to own a home,,,<br />obama was in it to, as a lawer foracorn in 1994 that sued citybank that paved the way for clintons toxic loans,,Whoopsy
Also, Looks like every one of the past sixty years has started during a Republican Presidency. Whoops ...
I'm definitely not living off the government - but anyone who's done any road improvement work over the past few years is, as those are contracts from Obama's successful stimulus. Guess you'd all better send that money back ... it's from the government, so it can't possibly be helpful.
Come on Kurt, you are one of those living off the government, so you really do not have an unbiased opinion. When was the last time you held a steady job...I don't mean working the tractor for your dad under the table. I mean steady job with reportable income. Be honest, we want to fix the country!!
dennis dickenson Sunday, 04 March 2012
soooo<br />with unemployment u6 at an all time high & welfare at an all time high, thats 50% not contributing
dennis dickenson Sunday, 04 March 2012
what is the worst times in history?progressives.<br />college, eisenhower & reagan ALL tunned the economy around, you know the damage of the left by this time
The food stamp king rises again, long live the king of food stamps!<br /><br />
Yes, Obama shouldn't have used his magical time machine to go back in time and destroy the economy. Does his villainy know no bounds? Also, don't recall anyone blaming Bush when gas prices were even higher in summer '08.
I thought Obama said that the recession was over? He wouldn't lie to us would he? What a freaking joke this administration is. I am sure that the $5 gas and the increase in food stamps is all Bush's fault though isn't it. Damn liberals are killing this country! Bring jobs back to AMERICA!!




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