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Mountain lions cause increasing concern

Feather Publishing
3/15/201 UPDATED

A sixth lion has been killed in Genesee, where ranchers are scared. Mountain lions, usually solitary animals, are hunting in groups and have slaughtered all but a few goats remaining to young Paul Astles.

The survivors are a couple of nannies, a couple unrelated kids that will have to be bottle fed now, and two orphans from the previous lion kills that were being kept in a different barn.

Astles, of the Walking G, paid for his goats with his own money and was raising them.

Department of Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Hughan and local outdoorsmen agree on at least one fact in this case, California mountain lions do not hunt in groups, unless it is a mother with her young.

In late January, approximately three or four mountain lions came into the barn at the same time to kill the goats. When they returned to feed on their their kills the next night, they were shot, bringing the total number of lions killed in Genesee to four.

One lion was killed with the body of Patti,  an 8-week-old border collie puppy in its mouth. The puppy had been taken from the porch of a Genesee home, where a number of adult dogs and other puppies were bedded down for the night.

A fifth, solitary lion was killed in the Williams Valley neighborhood in Greenville more recently, after it had killed some small livestock.

For more information, pick up a Wednesday, March 21 issue of the Indian Valley Record.

Meanwhile, those interested and concerned about their safety may visit the California Department of Fish and Game Mountain Lion information page at
dennis dickenson Sunday, 18 March 2012
tranq and relocate and then killing later anyways cost us,& then thay don't even eat nor save the pelt,,,big waist
I say we tranq and relocate the cats down to the big cities so all the "policy makers" can experience the problems these animals create for us.
dennis dickenson Friday, 16 March 2012
we should sell hunting licenses<br />then the meet & pelts won't go to waist +<br />make a bit of money unsted of costing us like it does now
I wasn't there, rather than Mtn Lions hunting in "groups" this could be mama and her cubs I don't remember exactly how long the cubs stay with the mother, but would explain the "groups" Your story makes it sound as if the Mtn Lions have mutated or some such thing DFG could probably shed some light
Scary!!!! Hopfully this will all stop soon.




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