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Mountain lion sighted in Crescent Mills

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor


A mountain lion has been spotted two days in a row hunting in the Mount Hough Estates neighborhood and the surrounding area near Crescent Mills. This is the only one still living of seven lions spotted in Indian Valley communities since January.

Plumas County Sheriff Deputy Phil Shannon, a resident of that neighborhood, said that one person saw the body of a medium-sized dog in the lion’s mouth yesterday morning, when it ran across Highway 89 and up a hill.

Deputies have been unable to find anyone with a missing dog. "Could it have been a young deer?" Shannon wondered.

Wednesday morning the lion was spotted behind the Pioneer road home of Margaret Holcomb, at 7:45 a.m., which is about the time that the school bus stops across the street at one of three stops in the neighborhood.

Shannon is especially worried for all the young children who live in the neighborhood, and he does not understand why there seems to be a problem getting the Department of Fish and Game to respond to these incidents.

Residents who see a mountain lion in their community are urged to call 911 and report it.

More information is being sought from state and local officials for an article in the Wednesday, March 28 newspapers. Meanwhile residents are asked to be vigilant, especially during the times near dark and in the early mornings, when this lion has been seen on the prowl.

If CDF&G won't handle the situation, then remember the 3 S's... Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up!!!
Concerned Citizen Thursday, 22 March 2012
How soon Indian Valley forgets about the lion attacking the horses in Crescent Mills 15 years ago or so(I saw two run across hwy 89 in Crescent Mills myself)and all the cats and dogs suddenly not coming home again. I knew of at least one cat seen in a lions mouth running through Genesee then too.
So what exactly will it take fish and game to get involved????? Ive been a resident of Indian Valley for almost 26 years amd i dont remember anything like this before. Thesw lions must be stopped before they harm our children, i agree with Shannon....its dangerous...
I've seen some LARGE lion tracks in the Round Valley area.
Two dogs in the house is better than one in a lions mouth.
I am afraid it is wishful thinking to believe this lion is the last left alive..there are more than plenty to go around. The ones seen in subdivisions and better yet in ranchers livestock barns are just the rogue lions that have figured out where an easy meal comes from..
People are going to start to cry wolf now that there is one left. Even if they saw nothing, they will most likely use everything to make the lion sound like a threat, i.e. a medium sized dog in it's mouth, even though it's not confirmed anyone is missing a dog. Remember, the lions were here first..




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