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  • Fire district responds: The Graeagle Fire Protection District’s board explains its process for annexing the Feather River Inn development into the GFPD
  • Storm aftermath: The first winter storm to hit Plumas County the season wasn’t as strong as forecasters predicted, but it still toppled trees and left thousands without power.
  • Costly chase: Three Caltrans snowplows and a CHP vehicle were badly damaged after a man stole a snowplow and led officers on a two-hour chase.

Sixth lion killed in Genesee

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor


Blood and gore and the blank stares of his baby and adult goats is what greeted Genesee youth Paul Astles when he went to do his chores in the barn before school Monday, March 12.

It was a full-scale slaughter of kids and adults.

“It was a mess in there,” said a fellow rancher who saw it.

Astles is the same young man who lost several goats to mountain lions in late January.


Brian Kingdon and Van Probst hang onto a monster mountain lion killed Tuesday, March 13, one day after a full-scale slaughter of goats was discovered when the young boy who owned them went out to do his morning chores. Photo by Heather Kingdon

There were four lions together on that hunt, according to Heather Kingdon, the neighbor whose border collie puppy was snatched off the porch by a lion the day before.

That lion was killed with the dog’s body still in its mouth.

Kingdon saw three lions that were probably a mother and her young, and another adult, a rather skinny female.

She was afraid this new kill was another group hunt, unheard of in mountain lions, but a professional tracker doesn’t think so.

“I saw one track, a big one,” he said before preparing for yet another night hunt Tuesday, March 13.

A lion’s modus operandi is to partially bury its kill and return to feed at a later time, probably the next night.

And that is exactly when the hunter met the biggest tomcat he’d ever seen in his life.

“It was a monster cat,” he said.

Estimates were that it weighed close to 200 pounds.

Lions do not hunt in groups, that is one thing he and the experts at the Department of Fish and Game agree on.

DFG public information officer Andrew Hughan was emphatic about that and refused to validate the possibility of a group hunt by other than a mother and her young.

“There is no history, science or evidence to support that,” he said. “Mountain lions are solitary animals.”

This makes the sixth mountain lion killed in Indian Valley since late January.

The fifth one was killed in the Williams Valley area of Greenville in late February.

To learn more and find safety tips, visit the DFG mountain lion information page at

Heather Kingdon authored a guest post about this experience Thursday, March 15, on Scroll down the page to see her story titled “Guest Post: Active Environmentalist.”

Family friends set up a bank account for those interested in helping young Astles re-start his goat business. Donations may be sent to Fundraiser for Paul Astles, c/o Plumas Bank, Greenville Branch, P.O. Box 612, Greenville, CA 95947.

Sheriff Hagwood called and said his deputies have a right and a duty to dispose of such public safety threats, that the lion just being in the neighborhood where small children live is deemed such a threat. He just wished he had the ability to post a 24-hour watch in the community, but he doesn't have the staff necessary for that.

Department of Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Hughan agreed, and said the department would stand behind that action, and that the sheriff can even call in the aid of a tracker to hunt it down if he wished.

Shannon said that he was told previously they needed an actual missing dog before a depredation permit could be issued.

Those who see a mountain lion near their homes or barns may call 911, or (888) 334-2258.

Concerned Citizen Tuesday, 27 March 2012
I lived in Talorsville for 10 years. Anyone remember the last time(20 years ago)all the hippie/treehuggers around there were selling "Save The Mountain lion" T shirts? Some people just don't have a clue.
dennis dickenson Monday, 26 March 2012
& where did the mt loin meet go<br />soooooo thay got to shoot it for free & didn't even eat it
almost a new cowboy/indian war over it - the Tribal Elders promptly arrived to forbid the father & friends from going after the cougar - dunno how that ended
1989 sounds right (I lived there from 88-90) I was told the boy was 12-13, was taken right off their rear porchdeck, dragged 100 yds to the RR track, and half-eaten ... this house is located right on Rt.93, at that time, every house was about 1/4 mile apart, there was one house between us
J. Miller, any chance you have a reference for that? When I search online I find a reference to a 5yr boy being killed in 1989. I can't find anything close to a 13yr old being killed in 1990.
Same reason people like you are predators.
shoot 'em, bury 'em, forget 'em ... there's a good reason they are classified as 'PREDATORS'
A couger can jump from a sitting possion as high as 18' , leap as far as 40' , can weigh as much as 200lbs , and a female with as many as 2 kittens and as reported this year possablely a challanged kitten from an earlyer litter means pack hunting by mountain Lions. Hope that doesn't catch on.
However, you seem unconcerened for your wifes saftey and concerned with people who are proud of their families. Maybe you need to concentrate on the story at hand. These lions are out of control. Oh and im glad your sure that means a lot when it comes to animals killig.
Tom, did you ecer consider the fact that maybe when someone proclaims they have 32 grandchildren that alsi includes great grandchildren and great greatgrand children? What does it matter....the FACT is that this is about MOutain Lions killing farm animals and putting our children at risk...
dennis dickenson Thursday, 22 March 2012
killed for free?& call & pay a tracker? should sell hunting licenseans any way fire up the BBQ!!! what! thay took it away? WHAT A WAIST.could've feed some folks
Lived in the Mts for 50 years. Hiked and skied all over. I saw a Mountain Lion one time, crossing the highway. I would say there are too many people. Families with more than 2 children should be not be encouraged. I cringe when someone proudly proclaims they have 32 grandchildren.
Evolved from the Asian Golden Cat they came to this land at around the same as man, more resend discovery indicate's man may have been in South America much much longer, not sure why this is even a point , we killed off all the big drown bear, and for good reason, couger is a junk animal.
this is what happens when there is not balance in wild life, to many mountain lions then they find food where ever. thank god the goats were there and the boy did not become a victim himself !! too many mountain lion!!
Geee you'd be singing a different tune if the mountain lion killed you wife.
When in Rome. I am sorry, but the lions where here first and at some point, they either go extinct, or we take precautions. When my wife goes out alone I fear for her life. But such is life.
It has come to the point where we simply have too many mt.lions in our area due in part to a lack of hunting pressure.We NEED to cut down the numbers. Don't cry about the poor mt. lions, think of the lost pets and livestock. We can sure use a sportsman's hunt with license fees!
I live in north valley. We've raised three children (kids) and many pets here. We always make sure our KIDS and animals are safe and secure especially at night. Big cats DO NOT hunt in packs. A Lioness will keep her cub or cubs with her for two years, to teach them to hunt. KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE.
after having my 13yo neighbor boy killed and half-eaten by a mountain lion (Evaro, Montana, roughly 1990), another cat menacing my camp last winter in the Feather River Canyon, I've lost most of my 'warm, snuggly' feelings regarding cougars ...
I understand & support the reason, but don't understand the ugly picture. It is sad enough that the goats were killed, & the Mtn. Lion's had to be killed, but this picture is disgusting & in poor taste. What are Mr. Astles plans to secure his new goats from preditors?




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