Schools should weigh pros and cons before arming teachers

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Editor’s note: This editorial was originally published in last week’s edition of Feather Publishing’s Lassen County Times.


The idea of putting firearms in the hands of teachers at our local high school here in Susanville should give every resident pause. That public safety option was discussed at a Lassen Union High School District board of trustees meeting held last month — the possibility of allowing teachers who hold concealed weapons permits to carry those weapons on campus so they could be a line of defense should a person bring a weapon on campus with the intent of using it on students, teachers or staff.

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Trust ... but definitely verify in today’s skeptical climate

Lee Hamilton
Center on Congress at Indiana University


Of all the numbers thrown at us over the course of last year, one stands out for me. I hope we can avoid repeating it this year.

That number is 12. It’s the percentage of Americans in a December Quinnipiac poll who said they trust the government in Washington to do what is right most or all of the time. It’s a depressingly small number — especially compared to the 41 percent who say they “hardly ever” trust the government. This meshes with recent polls that echo a bleak truth: trust in government is at historically low levels.

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Do headlines measure what’s relevant?

My Turn
M. Kate West

Today a headline on CNN’s political page read “2014, a bad year for Obama?” My response … is there really anyone out there who cares whether or not he is going to have a bad year?

There are a thousand and one more important things happening in the world today that need so much more focus than how the president is polling.

Personally, I think about veterans having their pensions cut, people losing their longstanding insurance plans, hungry children in America, a still-sluggish economy and the upcoming go-round that will come from once again having to raise the debt ceiling.

In reading Dec. 27, I learned that Plumas District Hospital laid off several employees before Christmas and while my sympathies go to these individuals, the bottom line is the fault lies with Washington, D.C.

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Headlines we would like to see in 2014

Feather Publishing
Collins Pine, Sierra Pacific Industries add shifts to meet surging demand
Sheriff adds more deputies; department now fully staffed
Construction of Almanor Sports Complex nears completion
County fair, Railroad Days set attendance records

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