Do headlines measure what’s relevant?

My Turn
M. Kate West

Today a headline on CNN’s political page read “2014, a bad year for Obama?” My response … is there really anyone out there who cares whether or not he is going to have a bad year?

There are a thousand and one more important things happening in the world today that need so much more focus than how the president is polling.

Personally, I think about veterans having their pensions cut, people losing their longstanding insurance plans, hungry children in America, a still-sluggish economy and the upcoming go-round that will come from once again having to raise the debt ceiling.

In reading Dec. 27, I learned that Plumas District Hospital laid off several employees before Christmas and while my sympathies go to these individuals, the bottom line is the fault lies with Washington, D.C.

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Headlines we would like to see in 2014

Feather Publishing
Collins Pine, Sierra Pacific Industries add shifts to meet surging demand
Sheriff adds more deputies; department now fully staffed
Construction of Almanor Sports Complex nears completion
County fair, Railroad Days set attendance records

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Cruise on an aircraft carrier brings a new perspective

Carolyn Shipp - My TUrn
Feather Publishing

A metal giant floated before me the night of Dec. 13. I stood at the harbor, heaved my backpack onto my shoulder and kept my eyes on the 950,000-ton ship that would be my hotel for the next four days.

The USS Nimitz towered over crowds of civilians, casting shadows in the night over my new family. After weaving through fellow travelers and Navy sailors, climbing a flight of aluminum stairs and crossing over onto the aircraft carrier, the Shipps found themselves on a ship.

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A quick look at a year that was hardly ordinary

Feather Publishing

It’s hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close. For the next couple weeks, the Feather Publishing staff will be turning the pages of our 2013 editions to compile our annual Year in Review feature.

The Year in Review will be part of your regular newspaper scheduled to hit the newsstands on New Year’s Eve.

Sifting through a year’s worth of papers is almost always enlightening. Looking back sparks memories. Like turning the pages of a family album, we laugh at one page only to cry at the next.

But one thing is certain: No year is ordinary. And 2013 was no exception.

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Where were the boards of directors in recent scandals?

Feather Publishing


It has been a frustrating and embarrassing year for two services districts in Plumas County. Alleged criminal acts involving fraud and embezzlement have left ratepayers stunned and angry.

Last week’s report that former Indian Valley Community Services District general manager Leanna Moore is accused of stealing more than $380,000 from the small district comes on the heels of a similar report in Chester earlier this year. Former Chester Public Utility District general manager/fire chief William Turner is accused of charging $1,720 on the district’s credit card at a Reno strip club.

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