Support the local community through the $100 challenge

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As we prepare to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday this week, the Christmas shopping season begins in earnest with a mad rush to buy all those colorful presents we stash under our brightly decorated Christmas trees to surprise our family, friends and loved ones.

This holiday season, we once again challenge each of our newspaper readers — yes, you — to spend at least $100 shopping at home this holiday season. If we all did that it would pump more than $1.8 million into Plumas County’s economy. And that’s based on a conservative average of just two readers per newspaper.

It’s a simple concept that we first introduced four years ago. We also mentioned it last week in the Business Scene column of this newspaper — and that is because it has proven to be worth its weight in gold.

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The prospect of consolidation has never been better

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Editorial Opinion

It’s time for the American Valley to consolidate its two water and sewer services districts into one.

The idea isn’t new. The East Quincy and Quincy districts have been talking about it for more than two decades. Unfortunately, the talks sometimes resembled bar-room brawls more than genuine negotiations. For years it seemed the districts’ respective boards of directors simply didn’t trust each other.

But times have changed. The two boards are no longer made up of Hatfields and McCoys.

The attitudes and makeup of the current boards have never been better for making this important change — a change that should have happened years ago.

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Safety must be top priority on winding winter roadways

Feather Publishing
Editorial Opinion


Two big-rig crashes in the Feather River Canyon in successive weeks underscore the dangers we face when driving that very scenic, yet extremely treacherous, stretch of Highway 70.

Last week, a big-rig driver from Newman was lucky. He suffered minor injuries after his tractor-trailer veered off the road, struck an embankment and overturned near the Paxton bridge. The accident sent his cargo of scrap metal flying in all directions. Luckily, there were no other cars in the vicinity or it likely would have been a tragic encounter.

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Learning from the trip-ups on the trip of a lifetime

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James Wilson

It was 10 years ago exactly that I took the trip of my life. Two of my friends, Brett and Lindsay, took off with me on a year-long trip that took us to 25 countries and six continents. We were young, reckless and ready for anything: the perfect combination for a year of shenanigans.

Since it was exactly 10 years ago, I’ve been going through my old emails recently and reading about what we were up to 10 years ago from the day, each day. Ten years ago from the day of writing this, for example, I was picking fruit on an orchard in New Zealand. 

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It is good to see county support Plumas Arts

Feather Publishing
Editorial Opinion

For a small rural county, we have an abundance of cultural events. A glance at this newspaper’s Arts & Entertainment page or the events calendar offers a weekly glimpse of events that dwarf the listings of most communities our size. It’s one of the reasons many of us choose to live here.

Much of the reason the arts are flourishing in Plumas County is because of the contributions and influence of Plumas Arts and the hundreds of residents who support the nonprofit organization.

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