County leaders set good example in local budget process

Feather Publishing

For the past five years, the Plumas County supervisors seemed to be in the headlines almost every week as they sliced away at the county budget.

Facing multimillion-dollar general fund shortfalls, the board agonized over some pretty drastic cuts. When it was all said and done, the county looked a little different than it had when the Great Recession began. The supervisors were forced to furlough, slash benefits and even fire some county workers. County departments were cut to the bone and funding for some institutions, once considered sacred, was eliminated completely. Funding for law enforcement, chambers of commerce, tourism and the arts was slashed. The Plumas County Visitors Bureau was shuttered.

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No child in the world should have to suffer from polio

John DeSelle - Where I stand
Quincy Rotary Club

Every child deserves the right to walk, run and play without fear of paralysis. Although polio is largely unknown in developed nations, it is a disease that still robs children of that right in some parts of the world. It is transmitted via contaminated water and food supplies, enters through a child’s mouth, and then multiplies in the throat and intestines. In a matter of hours, the poliovirus can enter the brain and spinal cord, destroying the cells that enable muscles to contract and causing paralysis. In 5 to 10 percent of cases, the child dies.

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Government shutdown affects Plumas, Lassen counties

Feather Publishing


On Monday, Oct. 1, the federal government shut down when the Republican-led House of Representatives and the Democrat-led Senate could not agree on a budget.

Funding for the Affordable Care Act — aka Obamacare — is the central issue in this partisan battle with House Republicans on one side and Senate Democrats on the other. Both parties seek to place the blame for the shutdown on the other — it’s the divisive and partisan brand of politics Americans have been forced to endure from the federal (and state) government for years.

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Your local newspaper provides dependable source of information

Editorial Opinion

Your Community; Your Newspaper; Your Life.

That’s the theme for this year’s National Newspaper Week celebration Oct. 6 – 12. 

This year’s theme only re-enforces the way Feather Publishing has always viewed its role in the community. This is your newspaper. The paper you are holding in your hands right now is produced in partnership with you. Our goal each week is to give you a snapshot that accurately reflects the community that we all share.

We’re all about the communities we serve and the people we serve. This newspaper is a human institution that mirrors life’s joys and sorrows, successes and failures — it’s a written record of the community.

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Some meetings are a real pain in the neck

Debra More - Where I Stand
Staff Writer


Reporters sometimes complain about the beats they cover, but one of mine is a pain in the neck — literally.

My doctor, physical therapist and acupuncturist all agree that the Board of Supervisors is bad for my health.

Something about sitting for hours hunched over a legal pad taking pages of notes finally took its toll and I found myself unable to turn my head.

Co-workers described me as moving and looking like Frankenstein or Herman Munster, neither of which is very flattering.

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