Be prepared for hazards of winter storms

Feather Publishing

Last week’s winter storm that hit Northern California — what USA Today calls the “fiercest storm in five years” — should serve as a wake-up call. The Pineapple Express, a river of warm, moisture-laden air that originates near Hawaii in the Southern Pacific Ocean, pumped lots of moisture toward the West Coast with wind, rain and snow.

Parts of Plumas County received more than 5 inches of precipitation during the two-day blast. It fell in the form of heavy wet snow Thursday night and Friday — some areas got up to 8 inches of the white stuff.

Flooding concerns were raised along creeks and rivers, although no major flooding materialized.

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The boardroom will not be the same

Debra Moore - My TUrn
Staff Writer

I began reporting on the Board of Supervisors a little over two years ago. It wasn’t my first go-round. It’s what I did when I first started working at Feather Publishing in 1993. I would go on to cover the boards in Shasta and Tehama counties as well. I mention that only because it demonstrates my familiarity with a lot of different supervisors — I even married one.

So it was with an open mind that I attended my first meeting back in 2012, but it closed pretty quickly. I didn’t like Jon Kennedy. I found him brash and arrogant and quick to complain about what I wrote. “I have been doing this for 20 years and you have been a supervisor for just two,” I remember telling him after he complained about a story I had written. During the ensuing weeks our relationship improved. Either I became a better writer or he grew a thicker skin.
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We were lucky: This time it was just a lot of corn

Feather Publishing

Last week’s derailment of 11 railcars in the Feather River Canyon probably won’t garner the kind of attention it should. That’s because nobody got hurt and the cargo that spilled into the river was just corn. It was a lot of corn, but still, just corn.

If the railcars were carrying volatile Bakken oil, this would be an entirely different story.

People likely would have died in the resulting series of massive explosions. Firefighters would still be struggling to contain a forest fire in the roughest terrain in the country, and the river would be running black with oil — all the way to Lake Oroville and beyond.

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Terms and conditions don’t always apply

James Wilson - My Turn
Staff Writer

“Terms and conditions may apply.”

The box highlighting this statement popped up on my phone while trying to download the latest app. The term has become ubiquitous online, popping up before you try to do anything.

It’s usually followed by long, unreadable legal jargon about what the intent, rules and regulations of whatever app or program you download entail.

This first time I ever saw this term was when I was still in grade school. My family was sent a free trial of America Online on a 3.5 floppy disk. We decided to see what all this “Internet” fuss was about and loaded it up onto our computer.

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