Greenville routes Dunsmuir: Indians beat northern rival for first time since 2008

Greenville’s Logan Carmichael hightails it for the end zone during the Indians’ 36-14 win over Dunsmuir on Sept. 12. Photos by James Wilson
James Wilson
Sports Editor

There’s something to be said about home-field advantage. This was clearly evident in Greenville’s 36-14 win against Dunsmuir last Friday night.

The Indians took down the visiting team for the first time the two teams faced each other since 2008. For the last five years, Greenville was the team on the road, and for the last five years, Dunsmuir was the victor.

The victory was Greenville’s first win of the season, which bumped its record up to 1-2.

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California Outdoors for the week of 9/19/2014

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fish parasites

Question: I recently caught a number of trout that had what I believe to be parasites called Lernaea attached to them in various places. I know after reading another posting from this column titled “Parasites and Trout” that these “are killed during cooking, effectively eliminating any possibility of infecting humans eating the fish,” but I am considering smoking them. Would these parasites pose any threat if the trout were cold smoked rather than cooked, or would the curing that takes place eliminate any threat as well? Presumably if they were hot smoked there would be no threat because the fish are then cooked. I appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks.

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Golf Results for the week of 9/19/2014

Feather Publishing

LACC Women’s Golf

The President’s Choice for Kathy Roseler’s last game as President of our Lake Almanor Women’s Golf was labeled “Disaster Golf”, a crazy accounting of everything that can go wrong in golf. Players had to keep track of every time a drive from the tee box landed in the rough; each ball that went into the sand; an extra ding for not getting out of the sand on the first try; any three-putts or worse; any four-putts; any out-of-bounds balls—I’m sure you get the idea.

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FRC soccer matches up

Golden Eagle Sherifatu Sumaila easily maneuvers the ball past Yuba’s goalkeeper during the Eagles’ first home game against Yuba last Tuesday. Two weeks into the season, Sumaila has already made quite the impact on the league, leading the state in assists with eight. Photo by Toni Williams
James Wilson
Sports Editor

Feather River College’s soccer program looks to be as strong this year as it was last. The men’s and women’s teams entered their second week of play last week with two wins apiece.

The men’s team shut out Yuba 4-0 Sept. 2 and Fresno 1-0 Sept. 5 before tying Modesto 1-1 Sept. 6. The women played on the same days, also shutting out Yuba with a final score of 6-0. The women’s team took down Sierra 4-1 before losing to Modesto 4-2.

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Second-half battle costs Quincy season opener

Quincy’s Noah Ray plows through multiple Modoc players during the Trojans’ season opener Sept. 5. Quincy lost the game 26-7 after Modoc scored three consecutive touchdowns in the third quarter. Photo by James Wilson
James Wilson
Sports Editor
The Quincy Trojans opened their season last Friday night with a home game against Modoc. The Trojans looked hot. They had the speed, they gained the yards and their possession was equal to Modoc’s. Some slip-ups in the third quarter ultimately cost them the game, however.

Modoc, which took down Chester in overtime the week before, beat out the Trojans 26-7. Quincy’s running game looked good, but Modoc completed more passes that gained it major yardage.

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