California Outdoors for the week of 4/11/2014

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Fish and wildlife regulations don’t always keep up with latest technology

Hunting with pellet rifles

Question: While watching some videos on YouTube about turkey hunting with a pellet rifle, I noticed a guy from northern California stating he was using a nitro piston Remington air rifle, which is not constant air or CO2-powered as your regulations state they must be. I believe people are thinking that any pellet rifle that is .177 caliber or larger is all right to use. This guy has videos of multiple hunts in which he is using illegal equipment; thus, couldn’t he be considered “poaching” or at least taking game with illegal equipment? It’s sad to see people that are not completely understanding of the rules and regulations, but it also angers me to see people shoot these birds with equipment they should not be using.

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Trojans baseball blows out Portola

Quincy’s Jake Wallace is cocked and ready to fire off a fastball. Wallace pitched the second game for Quincy at the Biggs tournament last weekend. File photo by James Wilson
James Wilson

Sports Editor

Whatever kinks the Quincy High School baseball team had going into the season appear to have been worked out. Quincy solidified its lineup at the Biggs tournament March 28 to win two big games.

Quincy started its tournament play against rival Portola. The Trojans’ batting was superb and ultimately won them the game. Quincy steadily produced runs to win a whopping 25-4. Later in the day the Trojans took on hosting team Biggs and once again came out ahead in a high-scoring game for a 15-8 victory.

“We did pretty good at Biggs,” commented Quincy coach Randy Kelsch. “The boys hit well and took care of business. We’re starting to find out where we need to be.”

Hit well, indeed. Quincy totaled 40 runs in 14 innings. Against Portola, all but one Quincy player got at least one hit. Against Biggs, the Trojans played equally well at bat, but gave up more hits on the mound.

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Lady Tigers lose two

Portola’s softball players gather for their first group photo of the season. The Lady Tigers traveled to the Biggs tournament last Friday and got two games in before getting rained out. Photo by Maria Popish
James Wilson
Sports Editor

Portola’s softball team traveled to Biggs on March 28 with a lot of hope. The Lady Tigers were pumped up and ready to compete in the annual tournament. Portola ended the first day of the tournament with two losses and were cut short from competing the second day due to the rain.

Portola lost 7-1 to Sutter last Friday morning, then went on to lose 7-0 to Gridley later in the day. Both Sutter and Gridley are in higher divisions than Portola. Portola’s record dropped to 4-8-1 overall. The Tigers have yet to start league play.

The rain affected other softball teams as well. Quincy didn’t get a single game in last week, for instance. Chester’s game against University Prep was moved up a day and Greenville got a doubleheader in to start its season.

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Lower spring runoff can make for some good stream fishing

John Gregg, of Quincy, shows off the 9-pound Mackinaw he caught at Bucks Lake on March 19. Right now is the time the big lake trout swim in the shallower water, making shore fishing a great option. Photo submitted
Michael Condon
Staff Writer


“Everyone should believe in something; I believe I’ll go fishing.”

Henry David Thoreau

In recent years I have tended to ignore the spring stream opener.

I just don’t find high and muddy streams that attractive to fish. The fast water makes it really tough to get your fly where you want it and when you are lucky enough to cast your fly into that sweet spot, well, it is gone in a heartbeat.

It is against my nature to consider any time spent fishing as a waste of time. But stream fishing in heavy spring runoff can come dangerously close.

But this year when I think about runoff, the question that comes to mind is “what runoff?”

We just finished one of the driest winters on record and the snowpack in the Sierra is pathetically low.

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California Outdoors for the week of 4/4/2014

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Remote control fishing

Question: I’ve seen several remote fish finders that I’m interested in and I’m curious as to whether they’re legal in California. I read the regulations about computer-assisted fishing, but it talks about using weapons/aiming systems to harm/kill fish. I have four questions to run by you:

1. The fish finder I’m interested in is the Humminbird RF15. It basically is a bobber that doubles as a sonar and transmits wirelessly back to your receiver. It has two holes … one for the line leading to your rod, and another for your hook. Is this legal in California?

2. Can I attach this sonar to an electric remote-controlled boat and use the RC boat for positioning the sonar? In this configuration, no hook/rod/reel would be used — it would strictly be used as a fish finder.

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