Greenville hosts John Holland tournament

Greg Knight
Sports Writer

If there was ever a dynamic duo in the history of Greenville Indians basketball, it may just be the combo of Walker Meyers and Justus Eaglesmith — a pair who proved their offensive mettle in the opener of the John Holland Invitational tournament last week by scoring 20 points each in a 78-26 rout of the Elk Creek Elks.

Two other Indians, Darian Potts and Christian Beres, were also in double digits with 16 and 10 points each, respectively. Ray Bustamante, James Martinez and Kacee Clark also put up buckets for Greenville in the game. From three-point land, Eaglesmith was on fire as he went three for three beyond the arc. Potts also swished a trey as part of his 16-point run.

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California Outdoors for the week of 12/12/2014

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Waterfowl sight

Question: How well can ducks actually see? Can they see color? I know deer see different shades of gray, but what about ducks and geese?

—David V.

Answer: Waterfowl can control the curvature of both the lens and cornea (mammals, including humans, only control the lens). This is basically how birds can see extremely well while flying andwhile in the act ofdiving/feeding. In addition, their eyes act independentlyand they use one at a time to allow for depth perception because nearly all waterfowl have monocular, not binocular, vision (they can’t stare forward atobjects).

Another unique thing about waterfowl is they can see in almost all directions. A few ducks are the exception to the rule, but usually the eye placement allows them to view in many different directions at the same time. Second, waterfowl have a very high number of cones (which dictates color vision in humans), which allows them to see sharp images and have color vision in which colors are more vivid than they are for humans. Their breadth of color vision is much wider than our own because UV light can be observed by waterfowl (UV light is absorbed by lenses in humans).This allows waterfowl to fly at night or feed in the dark or in low light conditions.

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Volcanoes prep for upcoming basketball season

Greg Knight
Sports Writer

The Chester High School boys’ basketball team will field four seniors this year; Wyatt Durkin, Quinton Wilkinson, Jeremiah White and Eddy Perez are poised to lead the Volcanoes as the 2014-15 season gets underway.

Durkin will be playing his fourth season of varsity basketball. He set the school record for points in a season last year with 643 and is fewer than 300 points away from breaking the school’s record for points in a career.

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Chester rules soccer league 8 out of 14 years

The lady athletes of the Chester High girls’ soccer team show off the perpetual trophy of the Feather River Soccer League. The team has brought this championship trophy home to Lake Almanor for the past four consecutive years, aPhoto submitted
M. Kate West
Staff Writer


Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, Chester High School girls’ soccer coach Eric O’Kelley offered many a thank-you as he doubled as master of ceremonies during the annual soccer awards Sunday, Nov. 23.“Each year we do our official soccer awards separate from the event held at the high school. The school ceremony is very abbreviated and tonight is the time when I really get to talk about the team as I hand out awards,” O’Kelley said.

 “For me this is one of the highlights of the season — my opportunity to not talk to the players but to talk to the parents.

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California Outdoors for the week of 12/5/2014

Carrie Wilson]

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Hunting from bike

Question: I will soon be taking off to the mountains to do some mountain quail and tree squirrel hunting. In past years, after arriving at hunting camp, most of my hunting was done on foot and so I couldn’t cover much ground in a day.

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