Golf Report for the week of 9/29/2010

Lake Almanor

It was a beautiful, sunny day for the annual "Invite Your Mate" tournament. The format was six holes alternate shots, six holes scramble, and six holes best ball; 21 couples participated.

The first-place winner was the team of Linda and Gary Kluge; second place was Joyce and Ben Ayres; third place was Deanie and Rich Ryerson; fourth place was Julie and Bill Azevedo; fifth place went to Sharyn and Nick Belkofer; sixth place was Shirley Friedrichs and Scott Kazan and seventh place was Sharon and Larry Auge.

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Volleying for wins


After going 6-0 to win the Lassen Tournament Sept. 11, the Portola volleyball team won another tournament in Los Molinos this past weekend.

9/22/2010 - The volleyball teams of Plumas County have been spending a lot of time on the court these past couple weeks, and the wins keep rolling in for several of the local squads.

Chester 3, Quincy 2
The Chester Volcanoes and Quincy Trojans went a full five games against each other Wednesday, Sept. 15.

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Fishing Report for the week of 9/22/2010

Real men don't poach
Michael Condon
Staff Writer

The approach of fall signals some excellent fishing in Plumas County. Unfortunately, it is also a time of year when the unscrupulous, unethical, no class (I could go on with the descriptors...) poachers will hit the water.

I have heard reports of some people catching their limits at Bucks Lake, taking the fish to their vehicles and returning for more fish.

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