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Managing Editor

The sheriff and California Highway Patrol won’t be sharing a new office in Quincy.

Last week the Board of Supervisors told the state that “Plumas County is simply not in a position to move forward with such a project due to financial and time constraints.”

The supervisors decided against the joint-facility plan during closed session after their regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 21.
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Community pitches in to grow ‘Giving Garden’ http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13043-community-pitches-in-to-grow-giving-garden http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13043-community-pitches-in-to-grow-giving-garden Shelley Wilkerson
Staff Writer

“The Lord was bothering me to do something about it,” said LouRene Fitzsimmons when she saw the condition of the community garden last fall.

The garden is on Nevada Street and First Avenue in downtown Portola.

Katy Dyrr and Carmen Lopez, of Plumas Rural Services, began the garden years ago with a grant from WIC (Women, Infants and Children). Sierra Pacific Industries donated the wood for the first planting boxes.]]>
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College board discusses transfer plan and future plans http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13032-college-board-discusses-transfer-plan-and-future-plans http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13032-college-board-discusses-transfer-plan-and-future-plans James Wilson
Staff Writer

Despite heavy hearts and a solemn tone stemming from the recent death of student Abigail “Grace” Holland, the Feather River College board of trustees carried on with its regular meeting Oct. 16. The meeting started with a moment of silence for Holland before going into items on the agenda.

The college’s transfer plan was a hot topic, as athletic advisor Greg McCarthy presented the 2014-15 plan to the board for approval. The plan detailed the goals and activities of the transfer center at FRC.]]>
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County leaders and local hospitals prepare for Ebola; Outbreak deemed unlikely but not an impossibility http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13031-county-leaders-and-local-hospitals-prepare-for-ebola-outbreak-deemed-unlikely-but-not-an-impossibility http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13031-county-leaders-and-local-hospitals-prepare-for-ebola-outbreak-deemed-unlikely-but-not-an-impossibility Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Could a deadly virus with its roots in West Africa find its way to Plumas County?

“Unlikely, but not impossible,” says Linda McCurdy, part of Seneca Healthcare District’s special response team for the Ebola virus.

The county’s three hospitals — Seneca in Chester, Eastern Plumas Health Care in Portola and Plumas District Hospital in Quincy — are preparing.

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Proponents of the state of Jefferson ask Plumas to join; Supervisors decline to pass a declaration in support http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13050-proponents-of-the-state-of-jefferson-ask-plumas-to-join-supervisors-decline-to-pass-a-declaration-in-support http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13050-proponents-of-the-state-of-jefferson-ask-plumas-to-join-supervisors-decline-to-pass-a-declaration-in-support Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Does Plumas County want to be part of a 51st state?

Representatives who want to form the state of Jefferson presented their plan to the Board of Supervisors in front of a standing-room-only audience Oct. 14.

Inadequate representation, high taxes and unnecessary regulations top the reasons proponents want to leave California and form a new state composed of a dozen or so northern counties.

Mark Baird, a businessman from Siskiyou County, made a well-organized, thoughtful presentation that lasted just short of one hour.
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Indian Valley native founds holistic management learning centers http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13027-indian-valley-native-founds-holistic-management-learning-centers http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13027-indian-valley-native-founds-holistic-management-learning-centers
Abbey and Spencer Smith enjoy a trip to Zimbabwe, Africa, to learn about Savory hubs. Photos submitted
Miriam S. Cody
Staff Writer

Abbey Smith drove with her daughter to Chico on the day Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of South Africa, died. It was Dec. 5, 2013, about seven years after she spent two months living on holistically managed ranches in South Africa.

As she listened to news clip after news clip about Mandela’s passing, she had an overwhelming sense that she was going back to Africa. Less than a year later, she did.

“Savory hubs” provide a global network through which entrepreneurs offer holistic management training and learning center development to their region of the world. Smith and her husband, Spencer, learned about them at a conference in Chico, hosted by the Savory Institute.
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Tributes begin for supervisor; Board to review Mental Health Commission http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13022-tributes-begin-for-supervisor-board-to-review-mental-health-commission http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13022-tributes-begin-for-supervisor-board-to-review-mental-health-commission Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Even though Jon Kennedy still has more than two months remaining to serve as chairman of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors, the accolades for his service are beginning.

Regular board attendee Larry Douglas used the public comment portion of the Oct. 14 meeting to laud Kennedy.

“I want to thank you for your commitment,” Douglas said. “Yes, you,” he reiterated to a surprised Kennedy. The two have not always agreed on the issues, a fact that Douglas noted.]]>
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Grace Holland remembered during vigil at FRC http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13035-grace-holland-remembered-during-vigil-at-frc http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13035-grace-holland-remembered-during-vigil-at-frc
Grace Holland’s mother, Lauré, right, joins Grace’s friends, teammates and community members during a vigil at  Feather River College.  Photos by Greg Knight
Dan McDonald
Managing Editor

About 300 people gathered at the Feather River College gymnasium last Wednesday to remember the life of Abigail “Grace” Holland.

The candlelight vigil, attended by Holland’s parents and other family members, included several speakers and an invocation by local Episcopal priest Matt Warren.

It was an emotional gathering. Holland’s family was embraced by the FRC community, including Grace’s friends and teammates.

“I can’t express how much this meant to us,” Grace’s mother, Lauré Holland, said. “The kids and faculty are just wonderful.
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Apple Fest: Come for free juice, stay for good time http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13036-apple-fest-come-for-free-juice-stay-for-good-time http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13036-apple-fest-come-for-free-juice-stay-for-good-time Apples Maggie Barrett picks apples for Apple Fest. Miriam S. Cody
Staff Writer

It was a Monday afternoon at Dawn Gardens, an organic produce farm in Indian Falls. Intern Maggie (Magnolia) Barrett weighed 3-pound bags of fresh-picked apples while Manuel Boehmer, farm manager, greeted a friend who came to help repair a piece of equipment. The farm is currently in preparation for Apple Fest 2014.

The 26th annual Apple Festival is set for Sunday, Oct. 26, starting at noon. Guests are invited at no charge to come and juice apples from the farm, or their own apples if they choose to bring them. There will be four cider presses at the party for everyone to use.]]>
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