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Members of the new Plumas Historic Lodge gather after the Nov. 10 ceremony, which officially made it the first historical lodge in the state. Back row, from left: Dennis Scovell, Dick Andrews, Jim Hedin, Bill Whitcher, Bill Tiner and Skip Hansen. Front row, from left: Larry Marsh, Dick Jolley and Dick Dykes. Photo submitted
Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Masonic lodge receives new designation declaring it historic

Masonic leaders from across the state gathered to celebrate history in the making Nov. 10 when the Quincy lodge became the first in the state to become a “historic” lodge.

Some of the visiting Masons had been in Sacramento to oversee the laying of the cornerstone for the new Kings arena, and then continued the journey north.

The dignitaries, local Masons and their wives enjoyed a dinner served by the Rainbow Girls before proceeding upstairs for the ceremony.]]>
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Hospital seeks another surgeon http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13139-hospital-seeks-another-surgeon http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13139-hospital-seeks-another-surgeon
Dr Mark Williams
Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Plumas District Hospital and its newest surgeon have agreed to a mutual separation.

Dr. Mark Williams, who is also under contract with Eastern Plumas Health Care, will no longer be seeing patients at the Quincy facility.

“He and I are on amiable terms,” Chief Executive Officer Jeff Kepple said of Williams.

Kepple can’t discuss the reasons for the separation, but reiterated that it was mutually agreed upon. Williams’ planned procedures have been rescheduled.]]>
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Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on! http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13129-whole-lotta-shakin-goin-on http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13129-whole-lotta-shakin-goin-on
There are no indications a Lassen Peak eruption may be on the horizon, but last week the area near the southern most volcano in the Cascades experienced a swarm of earthquake activity. File photo
Sam Williams
Staff Writer

Just after everyone’s attention focused on an earthquake swarm in Northwestern Nevada, a new earthquake swarm hit closer to home just beyond the boundary of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

According to a Wednesday, Nov. 12, email from Dr. Margaret T. Mangan, the scientist in charge of the California Volcano Observatory, the agency is “tracking an earthquake swarm located at the Tehama County-Plumas County border within Lassen National Forest. The swarm is about 24 kilometers west-northwest of the town of Chester and about 1 mile south of the Lassen Volcanic National Park boundary near the Twin Meadows Trail at Patricia Lake.”
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Minor earthquake felt in Quincy http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13144-minor-earthquake-felt-in-quincy http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13144-minor-earthquake-felt-in-quincy Feather Publishing
A minor earthquake rocked the Quincy area Friday at 7:49 a.m.  The U.S. Geological Survey reported the magnitude 3.5 earthquake was centered 11 miles east-northeast of Quincy.  Those who felt the quake reported feeling a short and somewhat sharp jolt rather than the longer rolling sensation often associated with earthquakes.  Quakes of this size do not normally cause any damage.
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Directors respond to constituents on criminal case http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13126-directors-respond-to-constituents-on-criminal-case http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13126-directors-respond-to-constituents-on-criminal-case Miriam S. Cody
Staff Writer

The Indian Valley Community Services District board of directors answered questions about the Leanna May Moore case at the Nov. 12 meeting of the Indian Valley Community Services District.

Former General Manager Moore was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the embezzlement of over $600,000 from the district.
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Public weighs in on proposed Bucks Lake trail http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13128-public-weighs-in-on-proposed-bucks-lake-trail http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13128-public-weighs-in-on-proposed-bucks-lake-trail James Wilson
Staff Writer

The board room at the Plumas County Library was packed Nov. 12, as Plumas County Supervisor Lori Simpson and Facilities Director Dony Sawchuk led a public input meeting to discuss the proposed trail system to be built on Pacific Gas and Electric Co. land at Bucks Lake.

A mix of mountain bikers, equestrians, hikers and Bucks Lake cabin owners showed up to let their voices be heard. Nearly everyone in attendance was in favor of the proposed system. Nonetheless, concerns were raised.
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Fire departments, snowmobilers, search and rescue train together http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13113-fire-departments-snowmobilers-search-and-rescue-train-together http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13113-fire-departments-snowmobilers-search-and-rescue-train-together
From left, Garrett Grubbs, Neal Baker, Barbara Price, Debbie Knipe and Kyle Felker prep a “patient” for transportation during a rescue training in October at the Bucks Lake fire station. Photos by Jim Rutherford
Feather Publishing

The Bucks Lake Snowdrifters snowmobiling group, Bucks Lake Fire Department, Meadow Valley Fire Department and Plumas County Search and Rescue conducted a snow rescue training session Oct. 18 at the Bucks Lake fire station. The four groups spent about four hours learning how to locate those injured, lost or broken down out on backcountry snow trails and how to handle the medical situations that may arise once they are on scene.

Extensive time was spent on how SAR locates incoming calls from cellphones. The training also covered how to treat and package patients for transportation to a helicopter landing zone or to the nearest ambulance.

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Supervisor Goss lashes out at utility company http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13109-supervisor-goss-lashes-out-at-utility-company http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13109-supervisor-goss-lashes-out-at-utility-company Debra Moore
Staff Writer

In a rare display of outrage, Supervisor Kevin Goss questioned representatives of Frontier Communications about their refusal to pay to underground their lines in downtown Greenville.

“Basically you don’t have any money?” Goss asked two Frontier representatives during a public hearing in front of the Board of Supervisors on Nov. 4.
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Avalanche of hostility over environmental analysis re-do http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13107-avalanche-of-hostility-over-environmental-analysis-re-do http://www.plumasnews.com/index.php/13107-avalanche-of-hostility-over-environmental-analysis-re-do Ann Powers
Staff Writer

If you didn’t know any better, you might think you walked in on an angry game of dodgeball between Plumas National Forest officials and local residents last week in Quincy.

However, it was really a townhall meeting in the Mineral Building on the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds stemming from a 2013 court settlement between the U.S. Forest Service and Snowlands Network, Winter Wildlands Alliance and the Center for Biological Diversity.
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