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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:
  • Fire district responds: The Graeagle Fire Protection District’s board explains its process for annexing the Feather River Inn development into the GFPD
  • Storm aftermath: The first winter storm to hit Plumas County the season wasn’t as strong as forecasters predicted, but it still toppled trees and left thousands without power.
  • Costly chase: Three Caltrans snowplows and a CHP vehicle were badly damaged after a man stole a snowplow and led officers on a two-hour chase.

Sheriff blasts board on cuts

Sheriff wants to restructure department in wake of budget cuts

Hagwood says cuts to his department are larger than supervisors are reporting

Dan McDonald
Managing Editor

The Plumas County sheriff said budget cuts will force him to lay off and demote employees.

The county’s Board of Supervisors said the sheriff is free to restructure his department however he chooses — but don’t blame it on budget cuts. The board maintained the sheriff’s department has enough money to get the job done.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood was scheduled to ask the board to approve his restructuring plan at its Tuesday, Oct. 9, meeting.

Hagwood’s request was expected to spark more debate over interpretations of the sheriff’s department’s “complicated” funding sources.

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Knife-wielding intruder terrorizes Quincy family

Dan McDonald
Managing Editor
Updated 10/10/2012
A Quincy family experienced a horrifying ordeal last week.

A knife-wielding intruder broke into the Brandes family’s Jackson Street home Wednesday, Oct. 3, and said he was looking for the children.

The intruder, David John Crawford, 32, of Marysville, was eventually shot with a Taser and arrested by Plumas County sheriff’s deputies.

But not before putting Dan Brandes and his family through a terrifying ordeal, according to Brandes.

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Forest supervisor defends Chips Fire tactics; meetings scheduled

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

“We had one strategy — to put it out.”

That’s how Plumas National Forest Supervisor Earl Ford described his organization’s approach to the Chips Fire.

Ford said his office had been inundated with calls, letters and emails regarding the Forest Service’s response to the fire.

“I would describe it as hate mail,” he said, noting that complaints were also sent to the president, the Forest Service chief and members of Congress.

Read more: Forest supervisor defends Chips Fire tactics; meetings scheduled

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Supervisors interview auditor hopeful in open session

Debra Moore

Staff Writer

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience, even without a room full of onlookers, but that’s exactly the situation Roberta Allen faced last week.

Allen, the only applicant for Plumas County auditor, interviewed with the full Board of Supervisors and its staff Oct. 2, while other county department heads and members of the public listened.

Human Resources Director Gayla Trumbo posed the questions, while the supervisors chimed in at various points.

“I was a little nervous,” Allen admitted during a conversation following the meeting. 

Read more: Supervisors interview auditor hopeful in open session

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It’s official: Plumas County adopts budget

Debra Moore
Staff Writer
Four and a half months and 300 pages later, Plumas County has a budget. 
The Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted the $74.5 million spending plan for 2012-13 during its Oct. 2 meeting.
Because the budget has been discussed, debated and dissected for weeks, there was no public comment and minimal board discussion during the meeting.
“In 20 years, this is the most difficult (budget) I’ve ever been involved with,” said Board Chairman Robert Meacher, who, along with his fellow supervisors, met with representatives of every department that is funded by the county general fund, and reviewed their budgets line by line.

Read more: It’s official: Plumas County adopts budget

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