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Local businesses eligible for low-interest loans because of Chips Fire

Feather Publishing
Thanks in part to input from Plumas County business owners who were hurt by the recent Chips Fire, county businesses are eligible for low-interest loans from the federal government.
“We had a lot of responses from business owners in Plumas County,” said U. S. Small Business Administration information (SBA) officer Charmagne Husmann. “It’s because of their input that businesses in Plumas are eligible.”

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Constituents shocked at general manager’s comments

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

Tempers were hot at the East Quincy Services District (EQSD) regular board meeting Sept. 12.

Audience members said they were shocked to read general manager David Edwards’ statement in his memo to board members regarding the need for EQSD (as well as Quincy Community Services District) to find a solution for American Valley’s sewage problems.

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Motorcycle collides with bear


Mark Morong, 60, of Ojai, is treated by Indian Valley fire rescue volunteer Josh Miille Saturday afternoon, Sept. 15, after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a bear on Genesse Road, just south of North Valley Road. Morong was traveling southbound about 45 miles-per-hour when a bear ran out in front of him. Morong was ejected from his 2004 BMW motorcycle and sustained minor injuries to his right arm and shoulder. The dead bear is visible about 20 feet to the left of Morong and Miille. Photo by Alicia Knadler

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Search continues for missing swimmer


A search for a swimmer who went missing at Lake Almanor on Saturday evening was still taking place Tuesday afternoon, according to the Plumas County Sheriffs Office.

According to a 911 call, a 25-year-old man was reported missing about 6:40 p.m. Saturday after jumping into the water from a boat about 500 yards from Big Cove.

Read more: Search continues for missing swimmer

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