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Father and son get special CHP tour, recognition

Caleb Allred sits behind the wheel of a California Highway Patrol car during his visit to the CHP academy in Sacramento on July 11. Photos courtesy Keevin Allred
Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

Being selected as student of the month paid off big time for Caleb Allred, a 10th-grader at Quincy High School. When Allred won the honors last April as a freshman at Plumas Christian School, he had no clue that three months later he’d have an experience of a lifetime.

California Highway Patrol Commander Joe Edwards noticed Allred’s picture in the newspaper and was struck by what he wrote about his plans for the future: “Go to a four-year university then after that go through a CHP academy.”

Edwards called the school’s principal and asked what kind of student Caleb was, Keevin Allred, the boy’s father, said. Then he called Keevin, who works in the probation department.

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Young equestrians make tracks in the dirt

Lacie Banchio presents the U.S. flag while Addie Tilton carries the California state flag during the July 26 Taylorsville Junior Rodeo grand entry. Photos courtesy Tim and Linda Pitlock
Samantha P. Hawthorne
Staff Writer

Taylorsville was filled with young equestrians of all ages and experience levels ready to compete in the 13th annual Taylorsville Junior Rodeo on July 26.

Indian Valley Riding and Roping Club hosted the rodeo, which brought talented riders from Northern California, Oregon and Nevada to the Taylorsville rodeo grounds.

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Second master gardener training comes to area

Feather Publishing

This spring Plumas and Sierra counties graduated their first group of University of California Cooperative Extension master gardeners. “These new UCCE master gardeners are quickly becoming a valuable asset in the community, sharing their home gardening knowledge and enthusiasm,” says Master Gardener Program Representative Cody Reed.

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Cresta Dam drum gates undergoing regular maintenance to improve efficiency and safety

The drum gates atop Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s Cresta Dam are scheduled for routine maintenance starting this week. Heavy equipment will operate in the area through November. Photo courtesy Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Feather Publishing

A contractor for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. started work this week to maintain the drum gates atop the Cresta Dam. Occasional and brief traffic delays due to southbound lane closures will occur on Highway 70 as equipment is maneuvered near the dam on the North Fork Feather River, PG&E announced recently.

The work is regular maintenance to ensure the drum gates remain in good working order and to remove sediment buildup inside the drum gate chamber inside the dam. The drum gates sit atop the dam and control storm event water flows by being raised and lowered.

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Death from above: Forest hosts caterpillar boom

Two tussock moth caterpillars crawl along a branch.  The current outbreak is the worst Plumas County has seen in 25 years.  Photo by Austin Hagwood
Austin Hagwood
Staff Writer

A constant drone echoes from the forest along La Porte Road, drawing attention to treetops bleached orange and entire hillsides bathed in leafy fire.

Beneath the dead foliage, a battle for survival rages.

Hordes of Douglas-fir tussock moth larvae in caterpillar form ooze from branch to branch, leaving a devastating trail of defoliation in their wake.

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