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First snow in the Almanor Basin


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Residents of Lake Almanor Basin awoke this morning to see white flakes of snow falling from the dark cloud-streaked sky, and onto their homes, landscaping, and vehicles, Oct. 22. The first snow of the season has blanketed the town of Chester, and the smell of burning firewood has penetrated the air. Peterson’s Place on Main Street is one area in Chester that exemplifies the homey atmosphere that permeates this town during the fall and winter months. The snow covered rooftops and logs piled high in the bon fire radiate the simplistic beauty living in the mountains can offer.
Photo by Samantha P. Hawthorne
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Collins Pine mill employees closer to walking out

Kate M. West
Staff Writer

“Well, I’m getting the posters and the stakes ready.  I expect to get the Collins Pine Company’s last and final proposal today. We’ll see then,” Mike Wood, Local 3074 union representative said Wednesday. 

Wood was responding to a rumor that the workers had already gone out on strike. 

He didn’t mince words when he said the union members are getting prepared for a strike. 

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Sheriff withdraws plan to restructure department, lay off deputies


  There will be no layoffs, demotions or restructuring in the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office.

  Sheriff Greg Hagwood and Supervisor Jon Kennedy delivered the news in a joint announcement at the Feather Publishing offices in Quincy on Thursday, Oct. 11.

  The announcement came just two days after a heated Board of Supervisors meeting that included terse exchanges between Hagwood and Kennedy over the sheriff’s budget cuts.

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Living off the land

Samantha P. Hawthorne


Chester resident Geoff Foss demonstrates how to tie basic flies. To follow this “simple” method, you will need a fly-tying vice, bobbin and bobbin threader, one pair of scissors, and hackle pliers. This mosquito fly is made using moose hair, teal flank feathers, goose feathers and hackle. Photo by Samantha P. Hawthorne

  Being raised in a rural area surrounded by wildlife and lacking the luxuries of a big city comes with its challenges. For Chester resident Geoff Foss, however, these challenges are more like blessings.

  Foss, 24, was born and raised in Chester. He spent his youth outdoors, and was taught at a very young age how to hunt and fish.

  The older Foss got, the more intrigued he became with hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general.

  Throughout the years, those skills have shaped Foss into a self-sufficient young man who strives to live off the land.

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New school superintendent hired

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer


 It’s official: Micheline Miglis became the superintendent of schools for both the county and the district, beginning Oct. 11.

  Miglis was hired by Plumas Unified School District to fill the superintendent position vacated last year when Glenn Harris resigned amidst a public uproar over his job performance.

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