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   These are the stories we are working on for this week's newspaper:
  • Crash landing: Two Plumas County men are lucky to be alive after the small plane they were riding in crashed in the forest near Antelope Lake.
  • Happy and mad: Two senior residents offer opposite reviews after taking part in the Defensible Space Assistance Program offered by the Plumas County Fire Safe Council.
  • Water restrictions: Quincy CSD customers are now obligated to restrict their outside water usage.

Alleged killer captured in Peru

mugFeather Publishing

The FBI reported that a 48-year-old woman wanted in connection with the July 2008 murder of her ex-husband in Plumas County was arrested Wednesday, June 4, at her residence in Peru.

FBI spokeswoman Gina Swankie said Costa Rican national Nazira Maria Cross allegedly poisoned her ex-husband, Michael Cross, in Plumas County, then drove him to Lovelock where the couple owned a ranch and buried him on the property.

Read more: Alleged killer captured in Peru

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Sheriff’s ice cream commercial goes viral

An unsuspecting driver reacts as Sheriff Greg Hagwood delivers ice cream cones in this image captured from the Wall’s Ice Cream commercial on YouTube.
Dan McDonald
Managing Editor


A puzzled driver glances at the rearview mirror, trying to figure out why she has been pulled over by the Plumas County sheriff.


“Are you familiar with vehicle code 339472?” the sheriff asks.


“Yeah,” she responds before admitting “… No.”


She wasn’t alone. Dozens of unsuspecting drivers didn’t know the vehicle code for DWI (driving without ice cream).


They do now.

Read more: Sheriff’s ice cream commercial goes viral

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Woman searches for local men killed in Vietnam

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Have you heard of any of these men?

Garry W. Catron, 1949 – 1968, Chester.

Michael L. Krom,1950 – 1969, Twain.

John S. Lewis, 1947 – 1969,California Hot Springs.

Larry D. Simpson, 1945 – 1969,Sloat.

Maui resident Janna Hoehn is looking for a picture of each man to send to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Read more: Woman searches for local men killed in Vietnam

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Western Pacific Railroad Museum tells the story of the little company that could

Carolyn Shipp
Staff Writer

The Western Pacific Railroad Museum, located in Portola, tells the story of a scrappy underdog railroad, the Western Pacific, and how it changed the industry through its innovation and grit.

With 160 locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars and cabooses, the Western Pacific Railroad Museum is renowned for its thorough collection of artifacts from one specific railroad company.

Read more: Western Pacific Railroad Museum tells the story of the little company that could

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Plumas County Tourism Council to create countywide marketing plan

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

“Tourism is about economics,” principal speaker Carl Ribaudo told a group of Plumas County Tourism Council members May 21. “It is just as competitive and brutal as any other industry.”

More than 50 people attended the brown bag lunch meeting, sponsored by Feather River College, at Serpilio Hall at the county fairgrounds. Ribaudo has 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industries as a strategic marketer. He has given numerous seminars for chambers and tourism councils.

Read more: Plumas County Tourism Council to create countywide marketing plan

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