Remember When 10/1/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
George Donnenwirth Sr. was over from Taylorsville today with a load of eggs and chickens for which he found ready sales. He reports that the farmers of Indian Valley have begun threshing their grain crops.

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Remember When 9/24/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
Nevada gentleman Musgrove has taken over the lease on the Greenville Bulletin newspaper and will endeavor to make it a boom paper and that much of the attention in reporting will be given to the mining operations in that part of the country. We at the Plumas National-Bulletin welcome the new editor in his journalistic efforts.

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Remember When 9/17/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
Yesterday a destructive forest fire broke out in the vicinity of a wood camp between Lee Ranch and Thompson Ranch east of Quincy. Started by a hobo, it burned 500 acres of forest land and destroyed over 900 cords of wood.

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Remember When 9/10/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
Plumas County Clerk McBeth has sold 400 hunting licenses from June 30 to date which the sum of $1.00 is charged. Last year 670 licenses were sold and issued, four of which were non-residents of Plumas County.

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Remember When 9/03/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
The musical sound of the carpenter's hammer is to be heard daily throughout Plumas County, this being a sign of prosperous condition. The list of registered voters to date, as shown by Plumas County Clerk McBeth totals only 484 names. As the usual voter registration in Plumas County is about 1400 as the time for registration for the upcoming November general election closes at the end of this month, it shows that residents of Plumas show a terrific lack of interest in voting and their government.

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