Remember When 7/23/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
Plumas County, as well as the rest of the state is experiencing some very hot summer weather. Yesterday in some parts of the county the thermometers recorded 100 plus degrees.

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Remember When 7/16/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
Scarcely a day passes but that one or more automobiles from far off places are not seen in town throughout Plumas County. A year ago these machines in and around Plumas were a novelty but this year it has been demonstrated that they are capable of crossing our mountains and summits with ease.

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Remember When 7/09/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
W.J. Schneider of Quincy is having improvements made on the third story of the Grand Central Hotel in Quincy. He is building a porch and putting in large doors and windows as well as another fire escape. Quincy Hose Company received a double cylinder chemical fire extinguisher which has since been duly installed and is now ready for use.

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Remember when 7/2/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
The Plumas National-Bulletin printers intend to have a little vacation because of the Fourth of July. No newspaper, therefore, will be published or issued Monday next. On the Thursday following, however, the Plumas National-Bulletin will appear as usual. (Note: in 1908 the Plumas National-Bulletin newspaper was a semi-weekly publication publishing on Monday and Thursday.)

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Remember When 6/25/08

100 YEARS AGO ...1908
A few nights ago a sneak thief entered the woodshed of Plumas County Supervisor Huskinson of Jackson Street in Quincy and appropriated several articles of clothing including a pair of pantaloons. The same night $20.00 was stolen from a residence further down the street. It is evident that there is some sneak thief about town who needs to feel the hand of the law. Mr. and Mrs. Droege have sold their Indian Valley North Arm ranch property to W.L. Hamblin of Crescent Mills for $3,000.

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