Remember When 6/04/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
Another heavy rain storm set in last night and continued until noon today. During that period 1.5 inches of water fell. Twenty-four years ago the first Greenville bulletin was published and distributed. At that time our current press foreman and linotype operator was only three years old.

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Remember When 5/28/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
Landowner F. Sorsoli and carpenter Shellhorse have begin the erection of a two story hotel building in Prattville. Containing 28 twelve by twelve foot rooms. The hotel promises to be up-to-date and is expected to cost approximately $10,000. An old unoccupied landmark house on the Kellogg Ranch was reduced to ashes last night with the fire originating from some overnight hobos there.

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Remember When 5/21/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
Last Friday night it began raining hard throughout the Plumas and continued through the night giving Plumas County a much needed soaking. This rain, yielding some one inch in some areas was welcomed by our farmers and stockmen in particular and will give hay and grain crops a good start.

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Remember When 5/14/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
George Brandt returned to Quincy from Beckwith where he spent the winter months. He has finished his contract for the erection of the big steel bridge at Beckwith and it is reported to be substansial and handsome. Plans for which were adopted in March at the Plumas County Board of Supervisors meeting for the construction of a new county courthouse has been oppossed and postponed.

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Remember When 5/07/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
J.F. Mayfield went up to Sierra Valley last week and on his return brought with him 20 head of very fine beef cattle for the Plumas Meat Market. Advertisement: Mr. F. Kirby, piano tuner and repairer is at the Grand Central Hotel, Quincy and will remain for a few days. Leave orders at the hotel front desk.

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