Remember When 4/23/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
A. Barret and W.T. Stark, who have been working on the forest service telephone line in Indian Valley report the completion of the line to the Stark place in the north arm of Indian Valley, a distance of 27 miles from Quincy. Advertisement: Lost between Chinatown and the Plumas County Hospital in Quincy - a link bracelet having a watch on it. Finder will be paid $6.00 as a reward if left at this newspaper office.

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Remember When 04/23/08

Remember When 04/23

100 Years Ago … 1908

The Plumas County Hospital has begun making some improvements this week. The present reading room will be converted to a club room, the parlor into a reception and reading room and the central bedrooms of the frontal upstairs into a parlor.

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Remember When 4/16/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
The Greenville baseball players have been making ready of the season by clearing off and enlarging the baseball field at that place. No western originated mail was received by Tuesday's stage, the train being so late in its arrival in Beckwith that the satge could not wait long enough to secure the daily mail.

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Remember When 4/09/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
The Quincy band in becoming a large and popular organization with the membership now number 23. Now that spring is here janitor Larison is putting the courthouse plaza in nice condition. It is reported that Plumas County Supervisor Hall is having done some excellent county road work in his district in the vicinity of Crescent Mills.

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Remember When 4/02/08

100 years ago ... 1908
The new railroad town of Clio in Sierra Valley experienced a rather disastrous fire last Tuesday, starting in the barber shop and consumed several other buildings. A residence, a restaurant, a store, a warehouse and a hotel was consumed by fire and reduced to ashes.

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