Remember When 3/26/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
Ailing Plumas County Superior Court Judge John Daniel Goodwin died in San Francisco earlier this month (March 5) shortly after arriving in San Francisco to visit his wife and children who had been residing in the city for several months due to medical reasons. Judge Goodwin was appointed to fill a vacancy of judgeship of the district including Plumas, Lassen and Modoc Counties in 1876. After Plumas County Superior Court Judge McLaughlin resigned he was appointed Superior Court Judge and was elected to the position in 1906. His term would have expired in January of 1909. Acting California State Governor Porter has appointed J.O. Moncur to fill the vacancy of deceased Judge Goodwin. Mr. Moncur came to Plumas County/Quincy in 1903 and opened his law practice here.

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Remember When 3/19/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
Plumas County is experiencing some very beautiful days. The night and early mornings are cold but the afternoons are very pleasant. The ladies of Quincy and vicinity are notified that a fine and large stock of Easter hats will be on display at the Steel Front Store in Quincy.

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Remember When 3/12/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
Diptheria caused another death in Johnsville this week, totaling three deaths from the disease in the last three months. Notice: The Plumas County Board of Supervisors hereby announces that they will receive plans and specifications on March 19, 1908 for the construction of a modern courthouse and jail combined with a cost of said building not to exceed $100,000.

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Remember When 3/05/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
The proposed incorporation of the town of Quincy was defeated at last weeks election. The canvas of the vote was completed by nine p.m. and many of the opponents of incorporation celebrated their victory to a late hour.

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Remember When 2/27/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
According to Plumas County District Attorney Kerr next Saturday will be a legal holiday due to the general election that day. All saloons under provisions of the law will be closed from six a.m. to six p.m. and it is probable that other businesses throughout Plumas County will be closed as well. The Plumas County Bank has announced its intention to do the same.

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