Remember When 2/20/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
The son of J.F. Lumas, whose residence is located three miles from Quincy, has been quarantined when he was afflicted with a case of diptheria. As the place is isolated and under quarantine, there is little fear that the disease will spread to town or other parts of Plumas.

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Remember When 2/13/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
More counterfeit five dollar pieces were found in circulation throughout Plumas County by local merchants being paid for goods by innocent parties. It is thought that the counterfeit money is being passed by party or parties at local gambling tables.

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Remember When 2/6/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
The Plumas National Bulletin's series of Plumas County postal photos now offer 36 varieties including scenes from the North Fork of the Feather river, courthouse square, Genesee Valley, Taylorsville steel bridge, Hamilton bridge at Big Meadows where the big trout jump, Prattville summer resort and the mine at Johnsville. Cost is 25 per dozen.

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Remember When 1/30

100 Years Ago ... 1908
The necessity of a refrigeration plant to be installed at the Indian Valley Creamery in Taylorsville was brought to the attention of the stockholders. Thus far this winter the creamery has not been able to harvest a great deal of ice necessary to keep up with the great demand of butter.

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Remember When 1/23/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
It was ordered by the Plumas County Board of Supervisors that the committee on Public buildings be authorized to procure plans and specifications for a new courthouse for the purpose of erecting a new building. The committee and the board will advertise for plans.

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