Remember When 1/16/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
The Plumas House in Quincy is harvesting a crop of ice from its pond west of Quincy. The ice is about four inches in thickness and of fair quality.

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Remember When 1/9/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
W.T. Forson was appointed as steward of the county hospital for the year 1908 by the Plumas County Board of Supervisors at a salary of $85.00 per year. He takes the place of J.M. Kingdon, retired.

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Remember When 1/2/08

100 Years Ago ... 1908
Two petitions will be before the Plumas County Board of Supervisors next week. One asking for the construction of a new wagon road up the North Fork of the Feather River from the junction of the east branch following the river to Seneca. The other, a petition asking that a road be considered from the same point up the North Fork along the canyon side to Butt Valley and on to Big Meadows.

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Remember When 12/26/07

100 Years Ago ... 1907
Thanks are to be given to the Plumas House Livery Stable and the Quincy-Beckwith Stage Line for the beautiful complimentary art calendars for the year 1908. A masquerade Ball will be held at Young's Hall in Taylorsville. Dance music and a midnight supper will be served for $2.50 per person.

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Remember When 12/19/07

100 Years Ago ... 1907
Quincy people are taking steps to incorporate the town into a city and petitions are being circulated freely to present to the Plumas County Board of Supervisors for consideration. Advertisement: Christmas Ball at the Plumas House, Quincy. Ticket and supper for $2.50.

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