Labor negotiations continue with Collins Pine

M. Kate West
Staff Writer

“We had a good discussion,” said Mike Wood, representative of the Carpenter’s Industrial Council Local 3074 about the union meeting held in the Almanor Recreation Center Oct. 3.

At this time, Local 3074 is still working through labor negotiations with the Collins Pine Mill.

“The purpose of the meeting was to go back to the members to get their opinion on the company’s proposals,” he added.

Wood said more meetings have been planned.

“We are working through the issues—still trying to meet in the middle,” he said.

The members of Local 3074 are scheduled to meet again, Thursday, Oct. 11 in the Chester Memorial Hall.

Prior to the Oct. 3 meeting, the union members met Sept. 19 where they took a vote to strike.

Following that meeting, Wood explained what a strike vote means and said, “During the meeting the members are advised of what the company wants to settle the agreement. It is then up to each member to decide whether or not the terms are acceptable and, do the members feel strongly enough about their position to take a strike vote,” he said.

He was also very clear that there is no plan at this time for the workforce to walk out.

“What the strike vote does is clearly state that the members feel very strongly about their disagreement of the company’s proposal. It also allows Local 3074 and the Council to return to the negotiation table and tell the company their workers disagree with the proposal strongly enough to strike,” Wood said.

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